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There are no single, attractive, non insane/roastie/high standards women after age 22. All the normal women who are cute and don’t have hypergamous mindsets with unattainable standards are locked down by the time you graduate. Then you are left to compete with 100 other men for the same woman on dating apps, in bars/clubs, etc where your odds are infinitely worse. Women’s requirements start to balloon at this point from all the attention she gets. The longer a woman is single the pickier she becomes. If you missed the window in HS/College to date then it’s fucking over unless you are top 10% in looks (money won’t help). All my male friends are ugly nerds and they have cute gfs they met in uni, except me and one other guy who happened to be single when we were 22. Then one other dude I know had a 7/10 gf in college, was a retard and wanted to play the field so he dumped her, now he gets nothing but 3/10 fatties.

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>install tinder
>see nothing but extremely attractive women in scantily clad outfits
>get 3 matches within 20min
>one is black, another is trans, another is 300 lbs obese


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Would you pay 10k for a 90min session with any woman of your choosing? You can’t film it so you won’t be able to monetize having sex with her

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I would gladly wageslave until 80 if I could get an attractive gf/wife

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I can’t get hard if I’ve masturbated in the past 6 hours. If I feel like I might have sex with a girl I have to do nofap for at least 24-48 hours or else get ED while having sex

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I had sex with a 9 months pregnant married woman who was in an open relationship.

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>100k by 25
>500k by 30
>1M by 35
>2M by 40
>4M by 47.5
>10M by 60

Can you meet these?

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I made a seeking profile for $100 and put in my profile I’m not a sugar daddy but just a successful guy looking to date women, surprisingly I still got attention from some women and ended up going on a date with an SB, she asked if I would give her an allowance but I said I was looking for a normal relationship. Surprisingly she still wanted to hang out w me and we went on several dates where I had sex with her multiple times. Didn’t pay for shit except restaurant meals. Why doesn’t everyone do this. I spend hundreds of hours wasting time on vanilla dating apps and then the first SB I go in a date with sees that I have money when she gets to my place and sees my car and wants to fuck (she did ghost me a few weeks later but w/e)

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I am going fucking insane. It has its own door so they aren’t putting it outside, it chooses to go out and bark in 27 degree weather at 1am

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We have kids and provide for them so they can grow up and have kids and provide for them so they can grow up and have kids and provide for them so they can grow up and have kids and provide for them so they can grow up and have kids…………

What’s the point of doing all this shit in life and working like a dog just to bring another soul into this world so they have to struggle like you did

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Why is interracial porn almost always black man/white woman? There are many other racial permutations they could choose from, so why is it always BMWF?

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Why do people act like a decentralized linked list where every node contains a hash of the previous node combined with some funny rules about who can perform write operations is some sort of crazy new technology

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All the girls in porn who have made millions of dollars are so average looking and some are gross with plastic rock hard titties. The actual hot chicks don’t make a much. Why?

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Haven’t been paying attention to the 4000 GPUs and just saw the 4080 MSRP is $1600. The 3080 MSRP was $700. What the actual fuck? I remember when a flagship **80 series GPU was $500

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Does racism increase alpha in your portfolio?

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I am unable to procreate

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I can’t breed

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Is $3 million making it?

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I used to not want to get married because of all the 4chan memes about it but I now want to

>the 50% of marriages end in divorce meme isn’t accurate, it’s skewed by boomers and people who married and divorced multiple times
>there’s more to life than having tons of money, beyond a certain point it doesn’t matter. I would rather have 2.5m as a 60 year old and be divorced but have lived a normal fulfilling life with offspring vs have 5m but have to die alone and childless and never experienced a marriage to a woman who I loved (even temporarily). You can’t take the money with you when you die anyway
>people overestimate how much men actually lose in alimony these days, it’s unlikely you’ll be paying alimony for life. It’s usually only a couple yrs
>you might even come out ahead being married, if you’re high income there are significant tax benefits and your wife might make lots of money alongside you, possibly even more than you. If your wife makes more than you and you divorce, you will come out ahead financially not her.
>kids are a huge source of joy and fulfillment especially later in life. Having millions will feel very empty if you’re all alone. Your friends will eventually start their own families and become distant to you.

Why are more anons not taking the settle down and get married pill

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I can feel a weird humming sensation in my intestines then explosively shit

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