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I think all the BAT heads are sleeping because there's been really active threads for the last few days. I'm tired but here's the best I can do at a basic gestalt

>Thesis: online advertising in a systemically inefficient industry, Brave/BAT brings a solution to a legitimate market problem
>Advertisers waste money paying for ads that get blocked by adblocks
>Users are forced to accept harvesting of their data
>Tech giants like Google and FB become user information merchants
>Brave/BAT solves this
>Brave automatically blocks all data gathering and ad software (bonus of faster and more secure)
>If advertisers want to reach Brave customers they can pay Brave directly to provide guaranteed to be seen user-friendly Brave ads, which users can opt-in to receive
>Brave users are incentivized to allow these ads by being rewarded with BATs for seeing them
>When advertisers pay for ads on Brave, they pay in USD, but this is converted into BAT, 70 percent of which is distributed to Brave users
>This means that as Brave is adopted by more users and more advertisers pay for ads on Brave, BAT will be subsidized by major corporations paying to directly advertise to Brave users
>Brave team released Roadmap 2.0 about a week ago, the browser has reached 25 million users after some time of steady growth, and is projected to reach 50 million by the end of the year
>Major companies already agreeing to advertise on the Brave platform
>As adoption by users and advertisers continues to steadily increase BAT will unironically moon, not from traders pumping and dumping, but as a natural result of the Brave/BAT system
>Brave and the BAT project also co-founded and led by Brendan Eich, creator of Javascript, co-founder and former CEO of Firefox who had to step down because he doesn't like faggots getting married

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Based and retard pilled

>This is from Feb 22 of this year, Roadmap 2.0 of where the project (Brave and BAT) are headed. https://brave.com/bat-roadmap-2-0/
>Brave blocks all tracking, data harvesting, and ad software
>Advertisers that want to reach Brave customers pay Brave directly in USD, but this is converted to BAT, the cryptocurrency of the browser.
>Brave users are paid to watch advertisements in BAT tokens (but this can be turned off if the user wants)
>The BAT system allows advertisers to reach users with clean, non-invasive, non-lag causing Brave ads which reward users for their attention
>This solves fundamental market inefficiencies in online advertising
>The founder and CEO of Brave is the creator of Javascript and was a co-founder and former CEO of Mozilla Firefox
>The Brave project has been worked on and perfected for several years, has reached 25 million users and is projected (conservatively) to reach 50 million by the end of this year

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This diagram's your best friend.
You can collect BAT through the Browser or you can buy BAT through an exchange like Coinbase or Kraken.
Nutshell: Brave is a browser that blocks ads for you. You can opt-in to receive special Brave ads, which are supposed to be more efficient for advertisers to be able to reach a real human being who also might be interested in their product. They reward users in BAT, giving users 70% of the cost that advertisers paid to get the ad to your eyes. Brave team gets the other 30%, and uses that money to buy BAT, driving up the price.
The BATBTC chart is also looking bullish.

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Yeah no I'm actually really happy right now. The more I research BAT the more and more solid it looks. Add that on top of solid price action and this is an absolute winner.

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>so am i basically just selling all my user data for BAT?
Your data never leaves the browser to any third party. This is one of the first things I researched when looking into the Brave browser.

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I predict BAT going to ~$10 this year. Do with that what you will.

Prediction based off of:
>self-service ads
>LINK's pump to $15+ last year
>Brave/BAT popularity mounting
>general sentiment towards crypto improving

~$10 isn't too crazy

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I'll just leave it here.

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BAT's the only cryptocurrency project with buying into.

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Ok dipshit. Try using it first before you respond to me with your retarded nonsense.

>an advertising platform using cryptocurrency has been tried several times over the past 15 years! CRINGE!!!

You're a fucking retard. Stay out of BAT threads you useless brainlet.

It's not about how much money I made, personally. I could have made a lot more if I really wanted to. It's the fact that I PASSIVELY made 3 BAT without even fucking doing anything.

You fucking cuckolds love ignoring the fact that Google and Facebook and thousands of other third parties are making money off of every second you use the internet. Every fucking millisecond you surf the web somebody is making money off of you. You LOVE to just blatantly ignore that in favor of the "YOU ONLY EARN $X ??? WOW SO CRAZY!" meme, which is completely negated by the fact that a browser paying you $.00000000000000000001 per year would be better than using Chrome in the first place.

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Bump with a useful post about BAT price and price prediction on the subplebbit. It's pretty retarded but still interesting to think about and speculate.


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No, you're misunderstanding how the system works. Maybe on purpose.

Someone claimed >>13173607 "There aren’t enough advertisers on the planet to give a bunch of poor losers and pajeets that kind of money." I stated >>13173867 "Advertisers aren’t giving users money directly and they’re not paying users fiat." Therefore that was an stupid irrelevant comment, as advertisers are not giving users "that kind of money," they're paying in BAT which derives value from lots of different aspects. Then you come in and say >>13174703 "That money is all just coming from thin air then?", to which I reply "You're a fucking tool, I just explained this, the advertisers aren't paying users this money, BRAVE is paying users in BAT, which works accordingly": >>13175229

You keep confusing yourself and you have terrible reading comprehension that you can't keep up. You misunderstood what I was saying and for some reason didn't read the posts I was replying to. Once again, you're out of your element.

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I am using Brave on mobile and I like the concept of BAT.
But will advertisers flavor non-personalized ad, compared to what they have now?

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Exactly. I'm completely ignoring Brave's whole potential and focusing on BAT's unique value, but the beautiful thing is, they marry these two things together so perfectly:

1) The broken advertising/privacy model of the current internet; and

2) The broken content creation model of the current internet.

Both are broken and complained about CONSTANTLY, but the average internet user has essentially had no other choice but to deal with it, up until Brave/BAT.

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Also for all the angry plebs saying "shit metric", it says "ESTIMATED" time saved, and is also listed next to three other metrics: TRACKERS BLOCKED, ADS BLOCKED, and HTTPS upgrades. "Shit metrics" indeed. If you think those metrics aren't important you should fuck off back to your data harvesting browser and continue letting Big Data track your location, diet habits, porn habits, family connections, etc. etc. you fucking cuckolds.

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>What do we do next?

Hold/use BAT. Monitor the project, communicate with the project's team/devs through Twitter/Reddit/etc., use Brave, report bugs, talk about Brave browser with other people, Tweet @ YouTubers/content creators and inform them about BAT, talk to people about online privacy, etc. etc.

There's a lot we can do to push Brave and BAT along. The project is built on a solid idea with a really great team behind it, always keep that in mind. Even if it dumps, the project will still move along in its roadmap and that is always a good thing.

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Na, there's a really strong contingent of /biz/ bros that shill and hodl BAT hard. Every BAT thread always has like the same dudes in it that realize the token's potential, then there's always a few FUDders who throw out seriously weak and uninformed bait, and a few FUDders who bring up good points, and a few "I WORK IN THE AD INDUSTRY AND I CAN TELL YOU BAT WILL NEEEEEEEEEEEEVER WORK EEEEEEVER" posts.

BAT threads are almost always the same rehashed thread over and over, but for anybody actually on the fence about BAT, if you actually read into it and give the Brave browser a try, you can literally see for yourself the potential of the token.

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DYOR with BAT. If you're not prepared to hold/swing trade it for 3 years, don't even fucking bother buying it.

I'd bet you $1,000 it won't be over $1 EOY, but that doesn't matter because it's one of the most important cryptocurrency experiments to EVER EXIST. If you aren't 100% invested in the idea of Brave working, don't even hold a bag of BAT, because you're going to lose all your money.

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Advertisers are meant to be the initial target market, who will buy the token to pay to run ads. The BAT will then be rewarded to users & content creators who can then hold it/ pay it to other content creators or sell it.

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For comparison.

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You filled your bags right?

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If you are not holding BAT right now you are fucking up

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Get in here BATmen. What're thinking about this pump?

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BAT is clearly going to 7x-15x in the next 3 months.

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