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>Somehow this is because of Europe being 'woke', according to some brainlet on /biz/

ESG policies are part of the woke agenda.

And if you claim that Europe's inability to maintain energy independence from an at best neutral party (Russia), and despite repeated warnings from the US from the oh-so-hated Trump (hated by the same woke leftists mind you) about such reliance, has nothing to do with said policies, then perhaps they shouldn't have fucked around and found out.

Get woke go broke. In this case destroy your whole Communist Union and Commie Currency with it. Italy first then Norway. $50.

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Which shithole? I'm in LatAm now until beach season ends in year but need to get laid so bad I'm willing to forego that to head to Eastern Europe.

I was thinking Albania, surrounding countries, and Egypt.

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