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Yes except this isn’t shit Vechain or worthless REQ that had no activity or really anyone using their networks.

You might be right. But really think about the risk you’re taking here if you’re wrong. Is increasing your stack really worth it by leveraging the risk of you being wrong?

I’m not going to sit here and pretend I know what the price is going to do on mainnet, but I am POSITIVE of ONE SINGLE THING! The risk of losing any % of my stack this close to mainnet (AFTER TWO FUCKING YEARS) is NOWHERE near the incentive to increase my stack.

Maybe if I was a poor 5k linklet and I was really desperate to increase my stack. But I’m not. I’ve accumulated for the entirety of 2018 and I’ll I have to do now is sit back and observe.

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Imagine thinking this will dump on mainnet lmao. This isn’t vechain with a single Italian winery tracking their fermented grapes, this is the defacto oracle network that will be responsible for delivering all off chain data onto Ethereum.
From sergeys own words:
>here on this slide is a picture of our *anounced* users and partners
>we feel we’ve reached the point we’re we have a substantial, enough amount of security guarantees, we have enough data providers that want to sell data directly to contracts

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