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>privacy tokens
hellooooo....2017 called

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>Smart Contract

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Anonymous (ID: Vcx4eR49) 11/11/22(Fri)11:15:04 No.52360742▶>>52361592

>What's the point they want to make?
there are a lot of people out there who absolutely hate self-custody and permission-less money and transactions
>tradfi kikes
>central banks
>private banks
>bis, imf, world bank, wef
>other glowies like jidf (e.g. on twitter they have udi which as a very public career)
>deranged people who lost it all on shitcoins
>mentally ill schizos
i assume it's one of them, they just pay some jeet 150$ a month to cyclically shit the board with those psyop threads
or maybe it's just some mentally ill schizo
the human mind is complex, go figure out...

Anonymous (ID: Vcx4eR49) 11/11/22(Fri)11:22:48 No.52360873▶>>52360927

you hold your private keys
>it can be the 12/24 mnemonic seed words for example
>or a base58 encoded private key which is just a string
nobody can touch your BTC
you are the sole owner of the coins, and you are the only one authorized to spend them
and as long as you backup and memorize those words, you can bring the BTC always with you
cross borders with 10M dollars worth of BTC just stored in your mind
and then you just use a hardware wallet to sign transactions

if you leave your crypto on the exchange
>first of all, they might not be there
>second, even assuming they are there, someone else is holding the private keys, so they are the actual owners
>they can be frozen and seized
>they can be stolen by the exchange (e.g. like in the FTX case)

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schizos itt NGMI !!

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Cum token

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