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No because kava is objectively superior in every single imaginable way to av*x :^3

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>Dumb enough to buy FLOKI and D0B0
>Wise enough to realize what I was doing in time to migrate to full bitcoinmaxx
Feels good. I may not be the smartest tool inna shed but I'm proud of myself tbqh.

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My fucking god OP come on man. Why are you investing $150 bucks only on a coin that gets constantly shilled here? Why invest the last remaining money you got on that in the first place? So much good shit you can buy once you have some OK capital. Marlin Protocol, Avalanche, hell invest in Polygon or Polkadot or some other chain that performs alright. So easy to reduce your loss potential.

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> Accepts your sacrifice of $3 billion dollars

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What? Looks way more normal compared to people like this con circus of a man

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Richard Heart is now bearish bitcoin. Will you listen and sell?

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