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"While this isn’t too difficult of an idea to wrap one’s head around conceptually, it’s the technical aspect that will probably be the most confusing part to understand." - miglet
"Blockchain in itself is already a somewhat confusing monster, so the idea that one could essentially launch a decentralized exchange on said blockchain is an ambitious undertaking to say the very least." - miglet
"A few things that are confusing/vague to me from what I see at this point in the whitepaper is: how will they get people to use this coin and how does this settle on the blockchain?" -miglet
"I’ve even suffered through some of Vitalik’s blog posts (which are the wordiest, most technical things you’ll ever read in mankind)" - miglet
"If what I just typed sounds complex and confusing as fuck, that’s because it is. " - miglet
"From what I’m seeing, it appears that Joseph Poon is one of the primary founders/creators/workers of the Lightning Network.\" -miglet doesn't even know who poon is.
"I can only guess that this means that it essentially is performing the duty of atomic swaps?" - miglet
"Confused? Don’t worry I was too." - miglet
"I’d be lying if I said I even fully comprehend what they’re going for here with $OMG." -miglet
"After reviewing $OMG, this might be one of the shittiest ideas for a coin that I’ve ever reviewed in my entire life." -miglet
"Once again—10,000 $OMG to the person that can read this and decipher what the hell they’re even proposing at this point." - miglet

Miglet seems a bit confused about crypto in general. Maybe he should understand what he's talking about before he starts reviewing coins.
The comments are also pretty good, and I don't see the miglet responding to them for obvious reasons.

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Show me the boyclitty

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>Strong fundamentals
Pick one.

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Damn hes right about dem memes

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If they succeed their ambitious plans, which I think is likely, seeing how Joseph Poon is designing plasma and also working with Omise team.
Then yes I also expect tripple digits.

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You will make it anon.

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The short version is its trying to be "the wechat" of thailand with a built in currency exchange.
Their team and history is pretty solid.

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Comfy brother here

This isnt my first dip and it wont be my last.
From all my investments in the crypto space OMG is the one im most hyped about.
Even more then ETH.
Its plans are ambitious sure, it might not succeed.

However if it does, the upside potential in terms of value are insane.
And in my opinion, the biggest obstacle in their plans would be central banks. And they already have thai bank on board!

So no doubt the future will be exiting.
Buy the dip guys.

This getting a 30+ billion market cap in a few years is not unlikely.

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Money Skeleton just got arrested in Prague.

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>mfw sold 23k cfis because i got impatient

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This is why you should buy
You can buy it on bittrex
You might have to hold it 3 + months to see exponential gains
dump the icn, its not going to moon

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You cannot learn to be money skeleton. You just must be.

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How many calories does he eat per day?
How many hours does he sleep?
Why doesn't he just relax for a while with his billions instead of pushing so damn hard?

The rings around his eyes are getting darker for every picture taken. What if he works himself to death?

Also: Buy iExec (RLC).

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What did Money Skeleton mean by this face?

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June and Vitalik are announcing "something exciting" in Tokyo tonight.

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