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>roses are red
>OP is brown
>poo in the loo not the streets around tow*checks chart*-ACKKKKK

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Whats even funnier is these arrogant faggots were so cocky they fudded reddit and normies, only to get absolutely emasculated. All the coins normies and redditors bought went 100x while chaincels were at $25-30$ entire bullrun besides a couple weeks above $40. Chaincels were forced to watch braindead normies outperfoming them like good little cucks. Then just as they thought link would moon and they would retire, it rugged on them along with all the other scams they shilled. celsius bancor nexo lpl. Cant make this shit up, but its not surprising when you know its an incel loser coin

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>insanely valuable in its own right too.
I'm sure your pajeet ponzi schemes will make you rich...in 2 more weeks ;)

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Chainlink has always been a shitcoin like the rest. /biz/tards thought they had found le "secret hidden gem" back in 2017 and promised Ethereum style gains while they relentlessly shilled their altcoin. They unironically believed their premined scam token printed out of thin air would have been used by the World Economic Forum to enforce the 4th IR.

The shilling was so intense that even OGs ended up gobbling their own delusions and hopium. After 6 years Link is trading at single digits, the only person who got rich was Sergey and OGs still haven't made it. The cherry on top of the cake is that it got outperformed by Bitcoin, Ethereum and most altcoins. Only salty bagholders and literal schizos are left holding heavy bags incapable of accepting the situation and lashing out towards anyone pointing out reality.

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cuckolds can't meme


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They smell like Doritos and cum

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Link cuckold tranny you will never be a real gem, you have no pumps, no gains. You have no lambos or mansions. Your Chainlink Labs memes are inorganic and cringe. Your tokenomics will never turn into pumpamentals no matter how hard you try. You are barren and gainless. Every real gem holder pitys you and looks at you with disgust. You will never make it. Your entire existence is an insult to Satoshi Nakamoto. YWNBARC

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From a psychiatric perspective the word "cuckold" triggers Link marines so much because subconsciously they know it's their true nature. Imagine holding a premined erc-20 token with terrible tokenomics for 6 years hoping to make it just to see your pathetic bags getting outperformed by the entire market while you stake your measly tokens for bond tier gains (4% APY). The cherry on top of the cake is Sergey who stringed along the community while he made $500 million by dumping on gullible retail investors like you. The cuckold nature of the Link marine is an undeniable reality.

As with every cult pointing out the truth is often uncomfortable for the cult members. But the truth is....Link marines are simply cuckolds.

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>cuckold manifesto

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Chainlink is a cuckold cult made up of schizos who touch their chastity cage while they watch their portfolio make new ATLs in Bitcoin and Ethereum

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>you had 20 ye-ACK

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Linkcels are the lolcow of crypto

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