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>Mom came from an abusive trailer park family
>Dad came from fairly well off family but has 7 boomer siblings
>His inheritance split between 7 boomers who were retarded enough to sell the bottom of the real estate crash a few years ago
>All of his inheritance went to new shit, new cars, new camera gear, pissed away basically
>he is now over $80K in debt

funny enough my mom is the hardest working and highest earning person in my family, she clears almost 100k/y and almost has her house paid off while my dad is living in the living room of said house. What the fuck is this feel I'm feeling bros I don't even know anymore

im all in on link btw pee pee poo poo poopypee

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You don't, unless you kill yourself. There literally is no escape.

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Anyone else here fully /jokermode/ and just laughing at your portfolio completely collapsing?

At this point it could go to $0 and I would just laugh harder.

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