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Picture instead of rope :,(

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I fucking hate jews more than you could ever believe bros. To any jew reading this I hope you are horrified there are millions of rednecks just like me and our numbers are growing. Fuck glowniggers don't even care anymore.

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First off I made that Pepe so I'll see you in Kleros Court.

Second, I dont think anyone in life likes waking up at 530am and then showing up at work at 630am and then doing a pointless uninspiring job to 5pm and then repeat that for 30 years (LMAO BRO JUST WAGE FOR 30 YEARS AND THEN RETIRE AND FINALLY ENJOY LIFE BRO LMAO).

I want to make it so I can continue playing music and hang out with friends. Crafting my art and idk maybe ONE day make a living off of it but having no pressure since I made with crypto. Or hell even go to (((MUSIC SCHOOL))). Continue my drum and singing lessons. I dont want a gay ass lambo - I want my freedom anon, something that was taken from us by kike education system.

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Imagine being a cuck whose kids get raised by a coalburner and a nigger step dad. If I ever really make it with crypto I'm going to make gas chambers without wooden doors that actually seal and there will be jews in there but I will pack them fuller than a slave ship with fucking niggers and humanity will thank me for it.

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Go back you stupid brown nigger faggot. This is /our/ site and anyone who is white and not racist is a fucking moron or has never lived around subhuman niggers.

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Any woman worth a fuck would try to blend in and not draw attention to being a woman black incel retarded gorilla nigger.

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Heres some shitcoins that will 10x and you probably want to throw a cheeky 5-0 on.


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