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What do you guys think the bottom is? When do you think HBAR will hit $1?
For me its $0.0073 and 2028.

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>tfw I was out 2 weeks ago then bought back in that bull trap
i'm ngmi

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Dca eth. You're priced out of bitcoin. Also dca DOT. When you total 10k, diversify into defi space shitcoins and set a 50% take profit limit order when the asset doubles in price then leave the rest.

You're welcome

oh, btw, if you can't find a job, look for third shift security guard jobs. Easy fucking money. You'll still want to kys cause it's a job, but it's better than most other low wagey jobs. Also, don't bother with college until this bull market is over.

Also, if you ever want to leverage trade, only stick to 1x leverage.

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Fuck off pajeet

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What are the odds it drops to .3? Thinking about investing more but its pretty fucking stable at .4.

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Where can I sell most of my body parts for money?

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Fuck. I just know this pump and dump will end just when I buy.

I always buy the top which is why I dca, but I ain't dcaing this shit

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which squeeze will happen first?
Which will be more profitable to buy short term?
Take a guess

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they gonna change how they are talking to you

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