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Then post your positions, you fucking pussy.
I bet you're all in on some retarded shit like ChainLink

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Spiderbros! I think we’re getting juked around by profit taking and shorts. I plan on selling tomorrow, as I think we could be going back into the 10-20 cent range until we get some more news. Seems the news breaks usually pre-market, and I haven’t been seeing the emails because of gmails catagorization if promotional emails.

I still believe in the long term story, but I think this could easily be manipulation to accumulate at a lower price. So I will try to scoop up when we get that lower price.

Risky either way, as we’ve seen how fast this pumps and how fast it dumps.

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I really doubt it, considering how much they whine about the poor Palestinian suicide bombers. If true, goys need to step up their game.

RKG is dead and I killed her. I kept asking for meds and a timestamp and she fucked right off to getting a life other than role playing on /smg/.

Y-you guys wanna come to my VSTM shareholders meeting in Pasadena?

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>the game is rigged
Yeah man. Were you literally born yesterday?

But plane crashes happen, sometimes they happen close to each other in time. It seems likely that the pilots weren't trained adequately for the new software.

Because of how important Boeing is to the US economy, people are going to make a big deal out of this. Notice how quickly China banned that use of the planes? Not a coincidence. And these things are scary so they get a lot of play in the media. If it bleeds it leads.

Perception is more important than reality here, the thought of danger is worse than the actual danger. Boy will pump out a software update just to ease everyone's mine, regardless of whether there's anything that needs improvement. They don't have blood on their hands, Mark my They don't have blood on their hands, Mark my words.

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