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>is there any vision for GRT that resembles this 1T$ derivatives move potential for LINK?

I'd suggest studying or comparing this to Sun/Oracle. They made MySQL. Now, it's a "free" solution for small consumers and devs but costs for enterprises. Look at their rise and fall. GraphQL is a decent enough system. If blockchain really is web3.0 (4.0 whatever) then The Graph should be analogous to Sun because this new trend in web architecture will need a new/better query language for it's data storage

t. buying more right now

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thanks fren

this is what im talking about

will research

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bless you OP for dropping wisdom that took us painful years to learn in one post on these newfags

we're all gonna make it fren

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>look guys I called him a pajeet

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One coffees pls

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My grandma passed away earlier this year. Was the heart and soul of the family. Things have been very different since she’s been gone. She left my mom with a good sum of money, not sure the exact Amount but I imagine $2M.

Today my mom mentioned she doesn’t want to just let it sit in the bank. What would you guys do to generate returns over the next few decades?

I know that 3-4% yearly is doable. My mom has sacrificed a lot for us and I just want to help guide her in the right direction. I’d tell her to buy crypto but that’s a different story.

Anything helps. Thanks guys

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They are banning anybody in telegram if they mention anything about the price. These chinks are dodgy and their English is terrible.
Eric is a douche and will not show or provide any proof.

It’s down 60% from ath, go figure. Get out before this trash goes to 0.

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Finally an anon that gets it.

>calls someone a brainlet
>buys a 12x coin with 0 purpose that is built to fail
Absolute state of absolute retards topfuckingkek

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Ever since hotdogs I have not been the same. Shill me the next Uniswap gem. Not one that has launched or mooned already. I need to be in on ground floor.

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Show your hand pajeet

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Then I saw their medium article with their testnet and the successful transactions that were provided. I think this will be the biggest breakthrough that we will see on Uniswap. Fees are ridiculous and this basically lumps txns together in a short time frame and saves a huge amount of gas and fees for the user.

This is actually bullish. I just bought in unironically.

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The simpsons predicted trump dying today august 27th. Is it gonna happen bros

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