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Ok let me actually rank them kek.
>Most based rankings
Andrew Jackson
Ron Paul
Eric Sprott
Bart Chilton

Needs Jamie dimon (ceo of jpm)

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K92 Mining (KNT.to, KNTNF) has corrected 35% in just the past month. The company has a market cap of US $1.04 Billion with $41 Million in cash. The company has been one of the strongest gold companies in recent years and has always climbed back after corrections. The stock peaked just below C$9.00. Friday the stock closed at US $4.70. Last year’s PEA on a stage 3 expansion of the Kainantu mine showed that, starting in late 2023, the project could produce 318K oz Au/yr at a cash cost of only $353/oz Au-eq for 9 years. The Kainantu project is a tier 1 project and a major will buy this over the next few years. If not, the stock could have $20 to $25 potential in three years at +$2100 Gold.

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hahaha newfrens getting their first jpm spook is cute.
>You need to detach emotions and have deep stoplosses fren

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Love me some Schiff bait

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Go get her, pepe

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