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>charges you late payment fee
>charges you overdraft fee
>charges you another overdraft fee because you're overdraft
>charges you 30% APR on the "loan" you've just gotten
>orders your payments and deposits in a way that you're overdraft even though you had enough money
Pssht, nuttin personnel kid

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I hope all of you have families because
A. If you do and they find out that you are destroying kike’s lives like this then it’s going to be really whitepilling for you
B. If, no, when you get praised on /biz/ for investing your hard earned neetbux and destroying said kike's lives, big profits will come back to you and not only that but you will get a lot of (You)s as well

This is the digital world, it’s a fucking meme. These are not people. You are all actual madlads if you continue down this road.

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Except in the entire world except the US because why take it serious when the rest of the world got fucked in the ass by it, right? USA #1! (in getting fucked by the virus better than anyone else)

Rest of the world will turn back to normal in less than a month.

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