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>la no-coin newspaper

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Just tell the IRS to fuck off, and don't pay 'em. Simple as.

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>i have to be here because i'm a tranny wtf is your excuse

i wasnt prepared for that. my fucking sides

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>everyone starts to run the bank
>doesn't understand how to run a bank
>bank fails

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could you fuck off and not butt into my conversation regarding shit that doesn't concern you? It was clearly on the topic of the image that I was replying to.

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I dont understand, was posting a pic of the MMT nonsense book supposed to be a dig against books?
>Paul Krugman bad!
More than likely have never read a single one of his books
>Brings up a black entrepreneur to compliment and then calls him a nigger
>the other one is a nobel prize
>someone named lyn alden
>google lyn alden
>sm investor bro clone #01040023445610410
just go to bars, I know youve never had sex before and it pisses you off, just go to bars, you dont have to go around closing time but if that works for you then do that and you will eventually pick one up desperate enough to fuck you

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That pic

So you're telling me there is high interest in shorting gme by institutions? Lmfao what happend to muh conspiracy theory, WAGMI

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wait, are people for real using bags of uncle bens rice

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imagine how retarded you have to be to gamble your savings on bed bath and beyond lmao

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>if they're a model and they don't have at least three agencies tagged in their description they're not a model they're to get shat on

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Its not.
Thats why 30% price cuts to oversold markets have rolled out over the last 3 months.
Good example are certain areas of Phoenix and its suburbs.
We had a good thread about a week ago of an anon showing those types of price cuts from the peak in Mesa AZ , a massive brown shithole suburb.
Here is an example, look at these kike house flippers try to get out before they go underwater when 3 months ago they were hoping for $100,000 profit off a basic remodel:

Worst I've seen so far in this area is some dumbass flipper -27% down from his initial investment plus whatever the cost of the basic-bitch renovations done by unlicensed mexicans were.
Its fucking hilarious and I love watching the prices drop every week.

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that blond babe will rekt her senior in the motel

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who the fuck wrote the rules? first off rules are for faggots, and who ever wrote the rules can basically fuck off.

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>Europe was, is and continues to be the eternal center of humans
Europe was a mouthbreathing redneck backwater for thousands of years. During the bronze age, writing developed in the middle east, india, china, and south america. Europeans didn't even have writing until the romans forced them to learn Latin. THE ROMANS (who learned to write from greeks, who learned to write from middle easterners). Shortly after thereupon, the entirety of Europe (bar England) being raped by Huns, Mongols, Moors... and even after that violent period of darkness (where history is lost because European barbarians were fucking illiterate), well into the late middle ages and the renaissance, the majority of people in Europe were still illiterate slaves.

I guess it depends on what you mean by "eternal center of humans". If you mean the center of rape, pillage, recurring disaster and an absolute blender for cultures... then yes it's a rather befitting description.

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>stable currency
what you want to do is tell the central bank jews to fuck off

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>the internet was not niche
Holy fuck that mught be the most braindead statement I've seen this week if you aren't baiting

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absolutely disgusting

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funny guy. zoom out the charts and decide for yourself if there's a possible bottom, even if there's another blow off top you won't gonna sell anyway because of greed for sure.

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>My hair is disgusting. No matter how much I cut it, I still look fat.

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so never?

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