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I'm here because frankly it's a better way to get an estimate of things then going to the wank bank that is the pol thread on the effects.

But I gotta ask, what the fuck is this "bear" shit going on? I get the bull but what's with the bear?

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>you are darkness personified
I'm not sure what you mean by this.
>you are letting yourself exist as a medium that spreads shame and insignificance
If someone feels shame or insignificant, that is a function of their internal systems (brain) reacting two external and internal (looping) phenomena; show me where I've said anything to incite shame or insignificance (both personal, internal states).
>it sounds like this anon is going through a rough time, why continue to hurt him?
I've not intended pain in any way, further, can you actually SHOW band DEMONSTRATE how I've caused pain? Are you making assumptions?
>you can try to deconstruct them logically all you want
I'm simply using basic logic to show where potentially faulty reason is used and/or contradictory advice is given.
>know where rationality ends and love begins
I hope this next part is thought provoking, honestly - let me show you something interesting with the above sentence:
>know where rationality ends and love begins
With this simple, seemingly innocuous sentence, you've done something quite brave, have you noticed yet?
>know where love ends and rationality begins
Can you see it?

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u do not know de blockchain

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Will BTC rally to its highest ever? Is now still a time to buy? Are the skeptics right? Will it burst... hard?

Discuss it all.

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I know this isn't customer support for my problems but the blockchain complaint page is down and this is driving me nuts

I withdrew some btc from yobit on their end the transaction is complete but no funds entered my account. I double checked everything at the blockchain page and my wallet address is correct. It says (unspent) next to my address though I don't know if that means anything.

Anyways it's been 7 hours now, what the fuck happened?

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>tfw not sure if LTC is the news or the rumor

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everything else is P&D

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