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I think all linkies made it. Holonaire was here. He's a stinky.

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After the shitshow in Florida Trump is planning on moving US elections to blockchain with Chainlink being the oracle. The billions spent here will create a network effect that will result in pretty much every major enterprise using chainlink. Singularity SOON


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>New logo

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Based as fuck
We /flip btc/ in 2019

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Poor people use debt to purchase furniture sets and laptops. Rich people use debt to finance infrastructure projects with ridiculous profit margins since they will never be able to get their hands on so much capital even if they would want to. They use the profits from such projects to build into and invest into another projects and leveraging them with even more debt until you can almost touch the fucking sun. The difference is that you are 34k in debt enslaved to your local bank just to have some useless furniture and fancy laptops over what you can afford versus you are 74 million in debt but worth 600 million and you sleep in 14 k a night hotel room in NYC. Debt is just a financial instrument. It all depends on how much you are worth or how much value is stored in your assets be it public or private property. This debt free life is socialist propaganda. Everyone who owns any asset of a significant value uses debt over sale. Stock loans are tax free money. Even if you own a god damn horse you can most likely get a loan on it from somewhere. Start using the credit market wisely. Creating money out of perceived value. Half of the money in circulation is credit and some of you are trying to push this debt free meme. The whole point is to borrow and learn how to balance the books in your favor and no the markets don't crash overnight. Most of the problems with the last one started to accumulate in 2001. That gives you more than plenty of time to deleverage and reinvest your holdings. Remember the smart guys who shorted the market in 2008?

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I am looking to relocate 30% of my stock portfolio towards crypto and right now only LINK, XRP, BTC and XMR has caught my eyes. The main reason why LINK caught my eye is their potential as a forefront player on smart contracts with salesforce/docusign as as good as confirmed behind the scenes partners. As well as how the charts look like this last half year.

The other three coins just serves as an hedge towards hyperinflation and my capital. All other crypto projects aside from maybe projects like pundi x/tenx/monaco seems like shit projects to me.

Don’t even get me started on chinese projects because china and decentralization does not go together, it just does not. Except for maybe thekey the rest are all pipedreams.

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It'll make you rich as fuck as long as you get in now. I've done the research, and $5k EOY is reasonable. I'm thinking more like $20k EOY or maybe even $50K EOY. Get in while you can nolinky

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20k end of year is conservative to say the least. LINK 4EVER!

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Give me one good reason why you don't own ChainLink.

>pro tip: you can't

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If i get dubs I'm going all in LINKY

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First one made was this one

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Once upon a time, there lived a young bull. He grazed in a lush land of green pastures surrounded by his friends and family.
However, overtime, he found that his small plot of land where he roamed in his youth was becoming sparse, both of vegetation and of bulls. The friends of his childhood seemed to have climbed on up to other pastures, and they were always running away faster than he could catch up. One day he noticed that he was the only bull left. The vegetation changed and bears moved into his land. Each bear refugee was bigger, browner and more ferocious than the last.
“Come on, bull, you want to stay here? Become a bear like the rest of us.” The little bull was a small and defective bull, and each day the temptation to become a bear grew stronger and easier. The long green grass that bulls feed on withered away.
It was at his weakest that he staggered into a strange building. A guiding hand held something out for the bull.
“Take this, and hold onto it. Never let it go.” The bull found LINK.

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Reporting in fren

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Never linkers are all the same...unworthy!

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OP is never gonna deliver
>tfw i contributed

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