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/biz/ is Whites only. Fuck off, nigger

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I would pass my pepe folder down to him in pride

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You sound upset. I’m just letting you know what was posted is what we’ve been talking about before you knew it existed. I think it’s important to point out essential information unless you thrive on hopium. Volante is the chosen network by the federal reserve it’s crucial for you to understand that

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>he thinks he will afford 10 BRK.A with BBBY
Best the real world can do for you is 1 of BRK.B

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>be me
>software engineer
>Dickhead used to bully me in HS
>He turned out to be a giant loser druggy that is now in his 30’s delivery sandwiches for a jimmy johns near my office
>first time I saw him the look of shame in his eyes when he saw me come to the lobby to pick up my food almost made me bust out laughing
>now order from him every Wednesday and request that they send him as a driver
>always give him an extra 5 dollars and tell him not to spend it all in one place

Anyone else dab on old bullies with their success?

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