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>He bought a ponzi shitcap shilled here

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Keep DCAing fren. Look into RBC.

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buy TWTR tomorrow

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I sold. Going to buyback in at a lower price to increase my position? Retard? Huh?

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yup, feels fucking good knowing my picks will survive the meme holocaust

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Thats my made it outfit. Saved, thanks.

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jk, he's probably waiting for $0.69420, for a $6,000,000 profit.
Now thats a spicy pepe

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you gotta quit porn, man. my life is so much better since I stopped. you can do it brother

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because snuggling with them feels really nice, fren

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My first silver arrived today.
It's pretty nuts, I never held this substance until today.
(i already tasted it)

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I was in your situation and got out, into a good life. It's possible.

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Also, fuck niggers

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>"That's an interesting question"
>don't give them an answer

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I am pretty confident it will go up over the next week, same with XIO (maybe longer for that). Both have such low market caps and volume that they will swing super hard in each direction. Why anybody would put rent money in something like that before stabilising is beyond me, the stress would be intense. I'm not perfect (probably should have taken profits and bought back in) but I am still better off than these retards which makes me feel better.

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biotech singlehandedly saving my ass today

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Are there any risk management and trade execution resources/advice you can share for trading btc on leverage? I wanna practice betting multiple positions and shaving the TPs

Anything to help a fellow fren

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My dad lost 175k he inherited on a single oil play after he knocked up my mom on a tinder date. Its gonna suck when I'm born into a life of mediocrity so i might just stay in the womb and shitpost on biz

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I dunno about scams but I've been telling people for years that they're not ideal investment vehicles for retirement. They weren't even created with retirement in mind, it's a wild story how they ended up being the go to retirement vehicle for everyone who doesn't know shit about investing

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>entitlement is now wanting something that used to be affordable to be just affordable enough to finally get in
well color me entitled then. This is the whole reason I want everything to crash. I want a portfolio filled with blue chips and a home at non fuck your ass prices

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Green day tomorrow? There's no way we can have three fucking red days in a row now PPP Bill has all but been approved.

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When does this happen? I'm not sure why we are recovering so quickly.

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