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is it today

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Checked and family-business pilled

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fucking incredible. Would actually use this

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Same here anon, wgmi.

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Is this coin actually worth the price? I feel for a poor guy who can only afford shitcoins, this one is a bit more expensive for the return at this point.. I do have 14k of DOGE that I could put toward it though..

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Same, I do almost nothing when it comes to opensource / stackoverflow etc. Over 15 years I got enough experience that I get decent offers everyday. Although I'm not going anywhere since WFH in current company is too comfy.

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I made more money on one GRT dip than what I made in days of DOGE swinging.

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Nice, do that, unless your electricity is outrageous you'll be making a good bit of side cash.
If you want to get into it more look up good OC/undervolting settings for the 580 and get that efficiency up there.
Then when the market calms down and the hype slows, then maybe look into building a gpu rig.
Use this time to learn about mining, what's the best route, is it worth it for you?
Best of luck dude

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You are forgiven, fren.

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>new af
>project has promising fundamentals
Just remember this every time you get scared, anons.

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where the fuck do you live? its fucking cold as fuck and you have the fan blowin you fuckin retard. where are your parents!

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We're all gonna make it bros

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Are they actually planning pump? Is this real life? Not only is this illegal but also they have no chance against billionaires who got their shares almost for free. I need to buy some popcorn

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based AH swooping in

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I didn't sell link when it collapsed.
Now I'm up over 100k.
My hands are harder than a thai ladyboy's cocaine covered cock.

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Does anyone here actually know what the fuck they're doing or are we all newbie bandwagon retards tonight?

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Tell that to the calls.
I'm in it to lose my money or blow my load to the gains.
Been day trading it to a small profit in the meantime and learning how to read patterns.
GME isn't over yet. It may see a dip, but it'll be over 100 by noon, more if all the recent news affects the price like it ought to.
Either way I'll learn from this, and hopefully financially gain.

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I have a meme degree in international finance.

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Short selling is prohibited tomorrow. There is a run off after the squeeze anyways.
Get some rest anon, the squeeze won't be in the next 4 hours. We'll hold for you.

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>bought in 7 months ago with an avg of 0.25
feels good to see the newfags seethe

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>holding sub 20 bags since the beginning of time

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>No one has any fucking clue what GME will do on Monday
>Media in a panic as either a banking cluster fuck or a massive ponzi scheme has just occurred
>Retarded normies smell blood in the water and have no idea what they're doing and just buy random shit
>mfw as I watch people question why they need to pay $40 of fees to buy $100 of eth for trading for fucking shitcoins

It's definitely entertaining.

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