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Tell us your fav coins, kind sir, please sir.

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>he doesn’t know about dtcc

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You’ve cracked the code, anon? Time to go leverage x100

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>B-b-but socialism is so great and the answer to everything! Reeeeee!!!

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And your excuse for pelosi?

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kek, half of those screencaps were impostors who hacked my non secure trip. let me check the price of chainlink now
not $1000, $100, $50, or $10. you lose again stinkers


>This whole thread has been shit up with fake 42 shit.
shut up liddle boy!

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>you loosers have finally lost it completely
why do you sound nervous?

>It's an unpublished book, left unpublished for being far far too redpilled
thank you for sharing, they're not ready yet to reveal to the public that social media was the sequel to the manhattan project

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>you will remain to be an annoying newfag that spams every fucking thread
hey (((wise-guy)))
did you even read the title of this specific thread?

>42 was right

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>I take comfort in the fact that you will live alone as a hermit until your mental illness causes you to see a kaleidoscope in the barrel of a gun and pull the trigger.
you really should be careful with the intentions you throw around
you're doing massive harm to yourself talking to me like that

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by the way, remember that David Icke interview where he called the entire COVID thing a fabrication?
when he started talking about 5G is when they shit their pants

now I can only find a turkish sub on bitchute showing the entire interview and this single video alone has over 50,000 views

meanwhile when searching the term "david icke london real" on youtube, you get this video as the first result:

what a bunch of troublemakers
Willy Honka is gonna have to do something about this

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>There so many. Remember links awakening. Nothing with that one
I'm speaking for my own posting, not for others, not even for the OP in this thread
I don't have any reason to suspect June 21st as a happening for chainlink or in general
Would be cool to be proven wrong, but I doubt it

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I guess that would explain the namefagging

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>I saw 42 everywhere today
Same, more than usual
A radar speed meter was stuck on a 42 km/h reading all day at the end of my street. Gave me a good chuckle to see that.

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He was posting in our threads asking for rundowns on chainlink
I think he mocked it at first but then got 42-pulled and went serious and bought a fat stack. This was around last summer.

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>There is nothing comfier than watching the world burn as LINK moons

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