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>$400 cash, $4k credit card debt
>$30 in crypto
feels good at the top

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yes, you don’t want to hate yourself in two days when this moons do you?

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US is waking up right about now,
pump is within hours.

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Gamble money you have no problem losing. It's easy to not give a shit then. For some people that limit is a couple hundred bucks, for others it's thousands. The true madmen are the ones going in with their life savings.

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Great! Means I can buy even more. I love GameStop, it's a great company.

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Waiting for the DEX to release is suffering. But it will be worth the wait for sure.

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We all need more time, but there are unfortunately no brakes on this train. It doesn't stop for anyone. At times it might slide off the road temporarily, but it'll just be picked up and set to roll again.

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Are you ready for the moon AMD anons?

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the weak should be pitied, not degraded. the only reason we make it is because they are exploited. i might toss a linkie to the local bum tomorrow morning in your honor

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8 figure anon here. No questions please. Just here to dab on poorfags.

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biz is best board

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buy and hold, it's really that easy, you will lose money till you either learn this one simple lesson, or spend hundreds if not thousands of hours at the POSSIBILITY of being a good trader, quit being dumb and learn the technology so that you can believe in it.

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I longed at $50

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I lost about $4k and I feel nothing

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>5 digit entry price
>thinks he got in low
if only you knew how comfy it could be

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>10k credit card debt that i won't be paying
>300k in crypto

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and a max wage put in place, no more than 1k dorra, who needs more than that? fuckin greedy wagies

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I'm a man of my word. From today onward I'll be nice to you guys and go back to shitting solely on the CZ bots. Also you guys really ought to remove your petty Blocknet mention bot, it's too easy to make fun of in a bad light. Merry Christmas Blocknetters.

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never had any sort of online presence, not a single social media whatsoever, only my mother knows i exist but doesn't know where i am

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i can't pay taxes i'm homeless, i use my completely overpowered passport to switch country every few months

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Bought at 18.1, sold just now at 19.2, thank you anon, i don't know why you volunteer to do that but i appreciate it

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It would seem that the commotion has died down somewhat, the announcement will be made in exactly two minutes. Thank you for your patience.

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yeah that's not how it works

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I completely agree. I would like them to work harder at ensuring their community knows they can trust them. As it stands they are leaving everything up to the product for their success. I don't think it's the optimal way to go. They ought to be having video conferences/meetings/more regular announcements. I mean, even regular stuff detailing parts of their day-to-day work flow and thoughts regarding the process would help a lot to calm the community down. I really don't know what they think they gain from keeping their most loyal community in the dark. Oh wait, for all I know, perhaps the whales in the whale channel already do know.

Anyway, overall I'm still comfy and very hopeful regarding the upcoming announcement.

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