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oldfag here

don't be caught holding last gen alts into the new bull cycle

Wait for new alts to come out in 2023 and get those

Remember that 2023 is gonna be a 2019

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If people were buying bitcorns at 60k and binance was just giving them an IOU, and now they are covering at 18k, Binance can theoretically cover it all and get away with it.

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kek that's actually a good point and pretty funny. it'd be 099 if you ask me, they lose the right to that '5'. Really I think you'd be talking about a jewelry alloy at that point, and it'd have it's own denotation

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get Trust Wallet built in DEX.it is BSC based but has your normall cross chain swaps.
Atomic Wallet is for me is the "DLC" for TW.
It has all the other chains that TW is missing, it's own perks and works seamlessly with TW.,
In addition, Look and you will see the above all as longtime Validators for BNB.
Staking & Defi all day long.
Most importantly, your keys your coins.

I have a heavy bag of mostly KCS, but I am becoming leary about keeping it..
As an Amerishard, we are not really suppose to use KC and with the increased restrictions, it's time for the VPN.
Haven't had an issue with trades/deposits/withdrawals... yet.

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What's a good second job I can start immediately? I'm applying for jobs like crazy but it's taking months and I need cash now.
I'm a manager in an expensive ass city trying to make it.

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