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you can feel it in the air chads.

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>all the retarded fomo swingies that bought a couple weeks ago after it had pumped 3x and now are mad that it's dropped a bit during a big btc dip
>selling low
>selling when bnt has held strong and only reason for dip is btc
>not realising as soon as btc recovers we are hitting $10 in no time
absolutely plebian

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>up over 2.5x this month even during dip

>massive coordination attack

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eternally based fat fetish bancorchad

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Bancor General Newbie FAQ

this was written by one person with opinions

>Why Bancor?
The Bancor team invented the AMM. The only exchange to offer single sided liquidity pools, with huge rewards. The only exchange to solve impermanent loss. v2.1 brings Vortex, allowing you to leverage against your staked BNT for degen plays. Bancor will deploy Arbitrum soon (testnet since early Jan, 50x gas fees improvement) and on Polkadot (announced, crosschain swaps). It will become the #1 DEX.

>What means liquidity blackhole?
TVL is growing faster than anyone else and they’ve already captured over 40% of TOTAL Link trades. Between the rewards, vortex leverage, and best of all the IL protection, this is the best place to put your liquidity, period. It will inevitably gobble up the liquidity for the pools it offers.

>Price predictions?
Bancor is currently around ~700m market cap. Uniswap, an objectively worse fork of Bancor, is around ~8b mcap. 10x is just catching up to its mutant child. As Defi grows, Bancor will lead the pack. $40 is FUD.

>Is this the next LINK?
No, Link is the next Link. This is good though.

>What is make it/suicide stack?
IMO, you’ll probably want around 500 BNT to be worth staking. Make it stack it probably around 3000 BNT. More is better.

>Should I stake?
Yes. Rewards are insane for the time being. Stake your BNT in the LINK, ETH, or wBTC pools as those rewards are likely to be renewed and they have the highest volume. Stake your non-BNT tokens in their available pools. Yes, gas to stake will be expensive ($200-$300).

>If I stake LINK, ETH, etc, do I get more of that token?
Partially. Rewards are paid in BNT, swap fees are paid in the native token.

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good morning gentle newfags. i advise you to spend a few days lurking and reading before making big decisions. apart from buying BNT of course. you should do that immediately.

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