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if ur asking this question u should sell now.

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>not realizing the (c)rap music is designed to turn you into a base instinct golem
>not realizing that jews push rap as psychlogical warfare and humiliation against society
>not being aware of the controlled demolition of all mainstream white music
>unironically listening to “music” that lowers your iq and narrows your worldview and poisons your mind
Yeah, you’re ngmi.

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tfw I realize that save for those who are absolutely retarded, all my fellow /biz/ shitposters will probably make it in the
coming years by virtue of being early adopters to all these new revolutionizing technologies

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I made the glory hole cube

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My mom's IQ dabs on yours, you fucking 90 IQ progeny.

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It's a lower priced coin with steady gains, bought all in... let's go boiiiis

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