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>regulators instantly try to strangle oxygen from crypto by shutting down its main banking partners in the US

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>gang banged on camera and it gets uploaded to major pornsites

>500cm2 of shit. You have to eat it by spoon.

>for the rest of your life, you are permanently on call to come give a blowjob. It can happen at any time, and you must do it

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Just like 2018. I predict a small pump but mostly crabbing for months if it goes like before. Biz will be at its slowest and most dead in about 6-8 weeks with basically nothing but link posting

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>90% of states get the votes counted fast and winner declared
>a few states drag their feet and take days longer than everyone else, usually the same few states every timw

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What if a jishin happens? Wouldn’t he shinu anons? Im shinpai-ing for him right now. Someone please setsumei and tell me he will be daijoubu

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I want Chainlink to be respected

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It's over fud bros..

The linkies are still standing. We failed to stop them, we failed to destroy Chainlink in time and now we have to face the New Harsh Worldwide Reality-Order.

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Whats happening?

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