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They'll do both. Basically think of this as the Maga 9/11. Remember how we got the PATRIOT act after 9/11? This is literally going to result in MORE treading on our freedoms. You have to understand normies and the media they get. Even very high level republicans are speaking out against Trump. This will 100% result in a lot of gay shit.

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Every job is getting JUSTED anon. Work from home is another part of the JUSTING. Unironically, you need connections now more than ever. I know someone who got fired in the beginning of the pandemic and was hired a week later at a new company, while there's still wagies who are unemployed.

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>family robbed by a feral pack of gamer-terms

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Bros, I don't feel so good. I almost threw up. I haven't drank any alcohol either, so it's not from booze.

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pls no poltards this time

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