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wdym? This is just what /pol/ shiny rock fags think.

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How about you go back to your containment thread. Pic related is a fantasy of shiny rock baggies.

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Formally well to do house wife

(And her)

Daughter of questionable age

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Yeah it's safe, but none of the dollar debasement and money printing is safe. Silver is the most undervalued it has ever been in recorded history. You had 5000 years!

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You're wrong and you know it

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It's unspeakable stupidity that silver is at the lowest price probably ever in recorded history and nobody cares

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To add to this, China and Russia are sitting on piles of gold sure, but they won't declare a commodity backed currency before the US does it, not because they're afraid of a Libya-like intervention, but because right now they can still get real, valuable things in exchange for worthless paper. As long as that is possible there is no incentive for them to be the first movers here, and they and the USA know it.

America has the world reserve currency, which means its dogshit fiat will still be the last one to die, and because its advantageous to be in that position they will hold onto the USD as long as humanly possible. Because if the US were to even hint at the possibility of moving to say, a silver backed dollar, it would instantly annihilate all remaining faith in USD, no one would buy debt denominated in it, and any debt in USD would be paid back in toilet paper. The USA likely has plans for a new monetary basis, but they are required to maintain the worlds best pokerface until they unveil it.

And only then will the BRICs nations reveal their gold backed money a day later.

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tyty, I never liked ebay or craigslist anyways so that was pretty out of the question. I'm sure most people have good experiences with it but I've never trusted it. as for local dealers I have no idea where to even look lol but I'll be keeping my eyes peeled

your pleasant words lift my spirits. I was considering dropping a pretty chunk of change on silver now and then as time goes on putting a bit of leftover savings money into it.
I was mostly considering silver because of that meme someone made by basing it's true value today on the price of prostitutes in ancient times lmfao, they said it was severely undervalued. I do believe it's undervalued but idk about it being $4000/oz as they suggested, especially with considering whores today think they're all special and unique and that's why they charge so high.
pic rel

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>90% silver, ie junk silver, is still goo for investing, and can be a very good, as it gives you small quantities that can be offloaded with ease.
This is why it's my focus. Fractional rounds have high premiums to the point where 1/20th and 1/10th of an oz are like a $2 difference in price.

Whereas with those walkers and mercuries I just got...melt value is 20.29 per face value. I got them for 22. Even when demand is high...I'm only paying 7% over spot.

>it's not sexy to show in pics because it's just dirty US currency
I've been trying to make it sexy haha. But yes. It's ironic that only a few of us will actually be able to spend time with a former well-to-do housewife and her questionably aged daughter for a merc because everyone's silver is too concentrated....they'll have to melt down those sexy bars of theirs.

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You know what you gotta do fren for this merc..


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First for questionably aged not underaged

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>questionably aged
Funny because of ambiguity
>questionably underaged
Not very funny no ambiguity

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Good meme got any more? Im spreading the concise and catchy ones around on all sorts of forums and id encourage others to do the same

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>Ok, what if gold/silver rises a shitload in value, what the fuck do we do then?
With your junk silver you purchase pic related. With your good silver you buy land.

$34.04 is more expensive than $34.10? Come again?

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>should I have bought smaller denomination coins?
that's still time to buy more

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