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Kek easy 20% gains.

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Why is reddit behind this obvious scam? /r/cryptocurrency is flooded with inbred idiots who shill the fuck out of it constantly. Or is it sock puppets? honestly hard to tell. Its marketcap is 2 billion dollars and they don't even have a fucking product! how could reddit be so gullible? looking forward to seeing this shit crash and burn and all of these zealots hodlers get ruined in the process

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get out now

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There are people on this board RIGHT NOW that are not holding Iota...

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First IOTA charging station is going live in Netherlands. It was revealed at a Huawei conference today. This is what real world adoption looks like.



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Give me one reason why I shouldn't all-in on pic related.

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For anyone invested in this obvious scam, tell me why this is a good investment?

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Finally we're in the green while everything is in the red.

Don't know why but there's gotta be a reason behind it

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Why isn't this coin responding to any good news?
Fucking VW admitting to invest in it at a big conference yet it doesn't move at all.

Meanwhile nano and req mooning for no apparent reason

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Give me on reason why this coin does not have a bright future

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https://blog.iota.org/announcing-the-iota-ecosystem-339612656bc3. Rocket will start soon

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I know most of this board absolutely hates it, and I'd like to have a proper discussion on the technical aspects of why that's the case.

Don't even bother posting if all you've got is old, reheated and already debunked FUD, or >huuuur refujee smurt cidiez duuur

I hope some of you can convince me with valid points on why I shouldn't at least invest 20% of my portfolio on this

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This shit is making me sad. As soon as the "Q" bullshit is released and we go over 5-6, I'll dump my bags straight away.

Lost so many moon missions due to being stuck with this shit but don't want to sell with 10% profit either since I know it will go up after the "Q" stuff.

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*silently accumulates only coin in the top 10 that hasn't mooned recently*

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What do you guys think about iota? Is it going anywhere?

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Hey guys, it´s newfag! I´m in the game since a few weeks; what do you think about the portfolio I´m planning?

(for the beginning)

I bought Bitcoins at about 11.000, then bought Ripple at 1,7. I bought Verge at the low about 12h ago.
I thought I should buy IOTA/Rai/Ku/Sno in the next 2 Days, when they´re dropping a bit again.

At the moment it seems Ripple and IOTA will gain a lot, because of normies and the hype etc.
I don´t know yet, if I want to hodl them; will do more research.

I might trade Verge the next days, if it shoots up. The others I mentioned seem to go up anyway and are still small; should I buy stuff like RaiBlocks immediately, or wait a bit?
I also just bough a bit of TFL for the lulz; let´s see if it moons the next days...

What do you think of Cardano, Dash, Monero, Zcash (Snowden recommends it), Dragonchain, ReddCoin and Dent? These have been recommended to me by a lot of people as insider tips...

Would the above be a useful portfolio for short/mid-term gains, and maybe hodling?

Thanks anons, have a moony day!

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all you retards always ask why i didnt get in while I had the chance. when the wallet is released, this thing will boom. now let me ask again, why arent you poor fags buying this??

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That is all.

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>claims it doesn't work
>13 billion market cap
Why does biz say this?

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I just fell for and bought heavily into the IOTA meme. Is this the most unusable coin out there?

>Awful wallet
>No Ledger Nano support
>Seed generation is a PITA.
>Network is already slow and congested
>Can't send to the same address more than once because by design, parts of your private key are leaked and so your coins can be stolen.
>For this reason Binance wont let you withdraw

Jesus fucking christ /biz/. What even is this?

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Can anyone please send me a invitational code, im starting with IOTA.

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I think it'll keep going up. What do you think?

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