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about to market buy me some LINK as soon as deposit goes through

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Chad showed up and dumped on us

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Friendly reminder ChainLink is the precursor to networks of the future that will automate entire societies.

Listen to Al Bielek talk about the year 2749.

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ENTJ here, Keep up the good work little brother.

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Hey guys can you send me some chainlink tokens?

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We are going to make it boys, remember to look into your spirituality and health sooner rather than later, we have time to change reality!


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Look up the WingMakers mythos, especially the 2008 WingMakers James Interviews. To the anon calling it occult nonense, it’s not. Spiritual truth is singular but also deeply multifaceted and personal. Find the Pineal Light and become reborn as A Son of God. Phil Langdon has an amazing book called Gods of Divine Union that is free on dropbox.
1. Emerald Tablets of Thoth
2. Gods of Divine Union (Phil G Langdon)
3. Pleiadian materials (Barbara Hand Clow has a great book called “The Pleiadian Agenda”)
4. All WingMakers Art/Interviews/Mythos
5. Lyricus/Event Temples teaching orders
6. AL Bielek 2137 and WingMakers related stuff (AL is an interesting character, Montaulk is a bit spooky, be careful with spoopy conspiracies, let the light shine; darkness isn’t very Illuminating)

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>He thinks they're going to escalate a bunch of NEET's on 4chan to high society status and make Sergey Nazarov and team the richest people in the world

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Stage 2 prepped
'They still don't believe.'
'They will.'

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Stagger your buys, but don’t wait too long. Mainnet is unironically closer than it is farther. Reminder to listen to the James Wingmakers interview (2008). Reminder to watch the Sophia Gnostic Creation Story and to enlighten yourself on the Auto-Generative nature of the upper Aeon to which Christos is beholden. Reminder to read the Apocryphon of John and Gnostics are frens. Reminder to read Phil G Langdons work on the living truth that is always in front of us.

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Remember, you’re a WingMaker if you hold LINK. Listen to the James 2008 interviews for the quickest up to speed.

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Oh yeah any frens who remember the Wingmaker mythos and Art, check out Gods of Divine Union by Phil G Langdon. He has a youtube series that discusses Eastern Religion (including Christendom) and talks of “Illumination”/“Enlightenment”

I made these photoshops and a ton of the “cubes”. Any of those bros still around???

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Dat you english pete?

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We live in a false demiurge duality

Because of social conditioning and this framework of a duality (good vs evil), we allow guilt and shame to even exist.

We must break free of this duality, and we WILL.

We must break free from all old thought pattern. We are all connected. Free infinite sovereign beings. The demiurge has trapped humanity here in this duality matrix, and we serve as soul batteries for them (almost literally like the matrix).

But do not fear. Many of us have incarnated here at this time to help humanity ascend and WE WILL overcome. Do not be angry and point fingers at 'enemies', that merely reinforces the duality. Break free from old thought. You have everything within and you are part of a collective being of Love. Read WingMakers and view their art, and open your heart and mind to your higher self.

That is how you stop fapping my brothers

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Holy shit, do you guys realize what these custom LINKs will add to the Memetic energy? Every Coin holder can enjoy LINK and their own bags in one Meme.

It's perfect, look at how many are being made, and most are very high quality.

Meme magic is real. Also LINK is going up.

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>it’s own oracle

You have no idea what ChainLink is if you believe that everyone having proprietary oracles is in anyway okay.

Lucky for us SWIFT has explicitly said they are working towards standardization within the DLT space that is ISO20022 compliant. Sergey himself says LINK is ISO20022 compliant in many talks.

Clearly ChainLink is poised to be the standard oracle network for end to end real world smart contracts.

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