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Are you new to this field? I climbed the ladder into this position and am a few k shy of 6 figures.

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Thank you for the input. For the longest time I wanted to do ME exclusively but I’ve come to understand if I want to have a competitive edge/stay relevant then computer science/engineering is almost inevitable. Thinking of trying to learn Python in my free time, maybe JavaScript after that, before I go to college full time in a couple years. Or should I just start learning C now? Basically my game plan is to double up in mech/computer science while my brother does materials science (primarily nanomolecules) + chemical engineering. Is this a winning combo y/n?

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Wasn't there some duder that lost all his money trying to short bitcoin with 100x leverage the other day because he was off by like $100?
>yes, yes there was
n-nooo thanks just bought 100k

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IDK but REQ and ICX have been trading in lock-step since the recovery. Just look at the 1hr scale. I sense something is afoot.

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Oh go d
wh-haat does i t smell like
on this booat?

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CURE coin is going to fork soon and is improving rewards for Proof of Stake.

So don't you have any, /biz/?

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