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jokes aside, assuming we're seeing a great depression-like scenario (very likely) how do you guys deal with the idea of confiscation? Back then, posessing PMs was literally outlawed and they went door to door just taking it from you.

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100% this. The times I've followed the news either to go long or short have been a disaster saved only by stoplosses. Now I only read them to be ready and act accordingly. Panic news? Hold and buy the dip if you want to. Euphoric news? Fucking sell or hold. Even better: disregard news completely and do your own research.

It's literally the same thing the US is doing with the repo injections minus a couple of things. They're just trying to keep up. This is part of the trade war, of course. Only thing is china does not have someone to answer to, so their economic crisis' countermeasures can be brutal and much more effective.

>Nobody will buy Chinese stocks

Speak for yourself friendo. I've bought the dip before the cash injections and I'm already making decent profits. a manipulated market where stocks can't drop too much for the next 6 months and can only go up does not sound so bad to me. regarding BABA: it doesn't drop as much as other chinese stocks since it's very popular on the us markets, the more people are holding shares of this, the less likely it is to drop too much too quickly. Remember that there is a huge percentage of chinese stocks that are owned by US investors.

>/pol/ in 4channel is a joke, infinity's /pol/ was the real thing and even that became shilled to death after trump's election. The only valid alternatives are disseminated over the whole web, some in the deep web, some in zeronet, etc. No real centralized home anymore.

not for the foreseeable future. US will keep going with QE until april, at least. Now china has joined the club, too. Expect the mother of all bubbles for the next few months and eventually the mother of all crisis.

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Indeed. I wasn't expecting this to eventually happen (without any true consequences of course). I should have waited for this and buy the very probable dip in a few stonks.

BUT fun fact: if this doesn't even affect the current bull run, it means everything is completely (if you still had any doubts) out of control and QE is so massive that will overpower any form of bearish tendencies due to fear. Just a fact to have in mind and profit from this while it lasts.

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>says 33868th shot caller to appear on a shotcalling messaging board

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Friendly reminder
>There are people who bought BCH for 0.5BTC each

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>He sold the dip at its lowest point

>BTC surges ahead like 600 dollars

"This is a really bad indicator guys. Really bearish! Soon BTC will plummet down over 4000 dollars so I can buy in at a price lower than I sold at because i'm impulsive with weak hands."

"Look heres some TA of a head and shoulders!!!"

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>Little Titties Coin

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>ETH network getting fucked because of this


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