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best looking round currently available. welcome to the big boys club.

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Cyber rounds are the most beautiful rounds I've seen in a LONG time. I'm impressed that they are so cheap.

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>don't take a chance at summoning them
you fucked it up by even saying that. From now on just post beautiful stacks, talk about what you're looking forward to getting, what you sold recently, how much you spend on PM's a month, whatever. But ya'll gotta quit getting into retarded arguments with "poltards" who have probably never ever even SEEN an ounce of silver.
if you do not carry at least one cyber round with you, you are not going to make it. after the collapse I will be asking everyone I meet if they are a cyber friend or not, anyone not carrying a cyber round will be sold into slavery or made into a wife. so don't forget your cyber rounds friend! any man with a cyber round can join me and the brothers in paradise!

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You can kill any normie for 2 ounces. To kill a cooperate officer or assistant you'll be in the 75 to 120 ounce range. To get rid of a CEO, forget it, your broke ass can't afford it.

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only cyber rounds can save us from the collapse.

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Alright lads. Shit seems to keep getting worse. So here's the deal, I've decided that after the collapse I will be shooting any male I see who cannot immediately produce a cyber round on demand. I don't want to take the cyber round from you, I just want to know that you're a reasonable person. So don't forget to keep a cyber round on you at all times! It could save your life!

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Bad picture but here. They look awesome.

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