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In either 100% in a shitcoin or 100% tether. There’s nothing else for me.

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Does it even matter if you’re a billionaire if you’re short? I’m a rice man in uni and the girls are taller than me. I’m going to go home, it’s unironically over for me here.

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Alright gentlemen before we continue, I would like to conduct a bot chat. Reply with NIGGER to prove that this is real.

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Anons please reply me with NIGGER. I’m deep in OGN and want to make sure that you guys aren’t bots. Thanks

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So I hear that most swingies eventually lose all their money. But no one ever posts those stories, instead anons just post pink wojaks and larp as losers. Is biz secretly 1000000 IQ?

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Anon, we already know you’ve been fudding ftm and are secretly holding. Please stop

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Discord links/bot ocean = your mother dies in her sleep tonight

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On Binance. Please shill me something anons, I need the cash. School is 6 days a week 9.30-5 and the workload is massive, I don’t know what else to do.

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This general is dead, isn’t it?

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OP I’m in the same boat, except I’m already there. I did well for my A levels but took my exams with two different boards, so my chances of studying anywhere at home/in the anglosphere are gone. I’m doing applied math and informatics arguably in the (second) best Russian university. I hate programming and all I like I maths.

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Volume increasing, price of single token won't budge. What is happening? Is it going to unrekt the rekt'd

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how do you price in a biblical armageddon

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>after the pandemic

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