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>capital gains discount

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Hoppin around in me ringo dingo at the pub after top sheila theyah when bogan comes round and puts his ringaroo on me budgie in a wimbwolla. Shitcunt bogan say "ur a dckead kiwi." I reckon this kangarooter was hangin to get his gollywonga in me shagga hole! I'm not a right tosspossum so I took me digeridooler and gives him the whoppa gobstoppa roight in the mug before he could root me. I nearly dropped the bottle of piss I was carryin on the stubby cracka! Crikey. And a bing bong bangaroo later I was rootin his misses, then I woke up and me mum was callin me down stairs for brekky. Turns out I was pissin koalas and fell asleep havin a pull with the door open in front of me nan! fackin hell

Racakdakarangaroo mate.

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