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get in here faggots

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based fellow 250k bro.

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preserve your wealth. you won't be rich but not poor either. just a man with some currency/wealth and not some pink wojack anally raped by hyperinflation. you'll be able to buy stuff when others can't. you'll be in pole position when the dust slowly settle and assets are available for everyone and business opportunities rise. we will hopefully enter a new era. a time when not every busniess and every job is outsourced to asia. the downfall of western civilization could happen because the greed sat on the throne. every country could aquire the cash flows (from jobs and businesses outsourced) because it the sold its people's labour cheaper. imagine a tick that sucks your blood out and pumps poisonous gastric juice in. e.g. shoemakers were usually not that rich but could afford a living. nowadays a shoemaker is making minimum wage at best or has to be manufacturing highly priced, exclusive products only rich folks can afford. that's sick. let's hope for a correction.

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I love you guys. I hope you are doing well during this crazy fiasco.

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You have to figure it out for yourself. There's a reason why scam droppershiper ebooks and pajeet finance gurus guides/courses continue to sell and be around even though anyone with half a brain would steer clear. Its the same reason you get few threads every week of "how to i make money from home" or "lets brainstorm business ideas guis!".

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Who needs friends when you got frens

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I shilled it to everyone.
My brother finally bought at 80 cents.
Idk if my mom bought.
A couple of coworkers bought.
One listened and is holding now.
One cashed out after doubling his money and pissed it away in shitcoins.
One friend bought and doubled his money and cashed out at 60 cents because he had bills to pay.
One friend bought and has around 400 but plans to hodl and accumulate more.

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new ATH before the halving seems about right to lure in the most amount of dumb money for the ride. We're all gonna make it

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I had a dream about this exact moment, i was scrolling through 4chan, all of the posts were in the exact same order with the exact same content.

In the dream the next major move up in the bull market happened.

Is this it boys?

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Greta can I ride on your boat?

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