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AMD a shit. Shit's worse than fucking doge coin. I have been trading AMD for 4 months and have made $15,000 from it, but I am so close to abandoning it and switching to AMZN or AAPL. The big swings just aren't worth it if they are completely and utterly out of left field.

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Not just robinhood. Every single brokerage that has switched to zero commissions follows the same business model. So depending on the regulations, if they're retarded enough to put market makers out of business completely, we will see a return of commissions that will almost undoubtedly exceed the supposed "expenses" the SEC is trying to save retail investors. Thanks so much, SEC!

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I will reiterate my prior sentiment: >>49405815
What in the actual fuck is wrong with this market lmao. And to the faggot who said "babby's first market open," eat my shit; this is a bizarre day. I'm up $370 btw and probably gonna quit for the day

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BCRX had so much potential. Hopefully it picks up later.

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Can't believe it went even higher than last week, and I missed out on both.

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It's all the soi paper hands selling.

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Why is WATT moving up? Haven't seen any news on it

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Any SOLO holders still out there waiting for the next breakthrough? There was too much volume yesterday for it not to.

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press F to pay respects to bitbean.

get in here beanies...

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Now you get a curated list of six movies to choose from or some shit like that. AMC Stubs A-List starting to sound better by the day.

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Christ, it seems to me that people have been brainwashed into thinking this kind of behaviour is somehow OK and won't effect a relationship in the long run.
>have überbeta childhood friend
>he's pretty high IQ and makes a lot of money
>he keeps picking the worst women, all of them devout progressive feminists
>one night at a BBQ he feels very down so we talk about relationship stuff
>tell him that I think he should look out for better women that are conservative and virtuous (i.e. someone that hasn't been on the cock carousel and isn't a feminist)
>essentially loses his shit saying that I'm a bigot and an idiot and that it's not the 1800s anymore
>yells into my face that he will laugh in my face when I get divorced from my now fiancée after 3 years

So much anger in these people, wow. Another buddy of mine told me 5 years ago when I had been dating the same gf of mine "You'll see things differently when you'll date other girls". I pulled him aside, told him that that's really not cool to think like that, but he didn't get it. It's weird because growing up I thought one of these guys would be my best man but clearly they won't be.

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This board must be infested with jeets, they only shill shitcoins from dark places.

Dragonchain is the American blockchain project. This platform is launching icos very soon that have REAL use cases for the REAL world. No dapps no games no cryptokitties or dogs. It's blockchain tech doing what it does best, protecting real world assets.

Dragonchain has lawyered up and follows American Rules. If you're in NA this is your platform.

Still sleeps well under the billion market cap.

God bless America
God bless crypto

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So the entire ETH network is pretty much fucking dead in the water, with your average transaction taking 72 hours or more. Any point holding at this point? Or can I ditch this utter garbage until 2018 when they make an attempt to fix these transaction speeds?

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I see a lot of selling going on why are you guys selling to the Wallstreet fags at such low prices?

You are giving the keys over back to your slavers. You all want to be left with fucking paper money that won't be worth shit or a house that needs money to upkeep or a car that you have to pay everyday to drive.

The one thing that pays you to hold and you guys give it up to your masters like good slave bois.

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It wasn't a bug. It was a blatant act of retardation, a bunch of zit-faced skinnyfat permavirgins breaking one of the most important rules of computer science ("don't reinvent the wheel") so they could create their own ebic hash function. It's a bull market, I am never going to touch iota after a fuck up like that. There are literally dozens of other options.

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Thinking about ditching my LTC in favor of XLM or even VTC. I just don't know what exactly LTC has to offer anymore. Obviously ETH is has been eclipsing it, but I was thinking XLM because I have some ETH already and XLM is an up-and-coming competitor that could quadruple over the next year.

Can't help but think LTC is outdated, and that the current trajectory is solely due to it being on coinbase. Any LTC fans want to convince me otherwise?

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Mark my words. 8 months from now, both litecoin and bitcoin will be worth $1000, and it will be thanks to whiny, uninformed faggots like you

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