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I looked at this, read the White Paper, and it just makes no fucking sense whatsoever.

Doesn't solve anything, doesn't do anything new or useful.

Absolute shitcoin.

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caffeine raises testosterone. It's also, along with creatine and beta-alanine, the only other LEGAL performance enhancing drug in most countries. It makes a noticeable difference if you are a weightlifter or a sportsfag. You can also, reset your caffeine tolerance by taking breaks or reducing dosage or even by taking an adaptogen like rhodiola rosea or ashwagandha. I'm allergic as fuck to ashwagandha but I've heard it works breddy gud.

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>why does pic related get no respect around here?


No use, dex is empty, NEET nodes not profitable

Failed to secure OTC clients

Team does not know what the fuck to do with it now, looking for use cases that no one asked for

100% shitcoin pretending not to be one.

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>er to be sold for BTC, further inflating the price. Its a feedback loop that raises the price of BTC until tether collapses, leaving all those swing traders stranded with useless internet monopoly money. The value of which has been transferred to BTC which CZ now owns. This will more than make up for the $41 million that was stolen, and if CZ plays his cards right he will be completely out of tether before its inevitable demise and Binance will have more money than it did before the hack. Theres no doubt in my mind Binance will re-open withdrawals. Because when they do, BNB is going to the fucking moon, which will make them even more money. The question is, how long will they get away with this stunt after the fact?

Good analysis anon. It's clearly a market cornered by some big players.

Have a Brapper.

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what's the name of that hottie?

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HOLO is just another in a long series of flavour of the week shitcoins. /biz/ is usually heavily shilling 2-3 of these at any given time.

Since 2017, there must have been hundreds of these shitcoins, all of which are dead now and forgotten.

Ignore the noise, focus on the projects with long term funding and ambitions.

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I'll take a brappacino, extra brap p-please

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