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why did mantradao (om) just shoot up ~45%?

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Its not exactly fun anymore
When are all you faggots going back to pol/r*ddit and staying there ?
Go back

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>AGP/sissy fetishist cumbrain dicksexual married "bi" degenerate

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But she is not doing squats

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>expecting /biz/ to actually be successful
Do you know where you are anon?

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>With a browser hindering the big techs from collecting info, they can and will just deny services to users involved with BAT and brave browser. Some american bank websites are starting to deny access to anyone using a VPN for example. That's going to cause inconvenience to many people and force them to return to their old browsers. Bearish long term.
This is on the level of "muh btc ban", you're an obvious case of a midwit, not gonna bother further

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>autistic newfaggots still think "paper profits" means he sell weeks after
how can people be this retarded

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ah well you lost again and saved a thumbnail
better luck next time

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people are still holding this ?
embarassing honestly

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>get a large breasted girl
>It is the most valuable asset in life.

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Where is the fucking bottom?

And where is unlimited QE?

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he inorincally prob has like more then most pplh here cuz he takes on on his site four gold. ha

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>Holding airlines

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What's the best one? Or do you have a stack you'd recommend?

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How do I turn two dollars into eight quarters?

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I just like Mike Maloney. He is pro metals and crypto.

Schiff is anti crypto pro metal whilst Michael Saylor is arguably pro bitcoin anti metal. I think they are both just misguided. Crypto is super disruptive whilst metals/ mining stocks are extremely undervalued.

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>join the military.
at 33?

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Uhhhhh, this is weird post. Anyone know what this post means?

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this tough guy talk is so fucking strange

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not american, I'm an increasingly confused frog
can you explain it to me as if I were 3?

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SAVA bros when is it time to sell?

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It's still $20 below where it was in 1980 bro.

Compared to where it should be silver is extremely undervalued.

Right now silver is demonetized. If silver is remonetized then shit will hit the fan.

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Im starting to think they picked XRP to pump because americans are currently out of the equation and cant dump as hard if it were around normally

Cause no fucking way a group of people just went lets pump XRP because of its fundamentals

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