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>The global market for existing assets sits at a large $5.5T but has limited access and can only be built upon existing assets.

>But imagine a world where anyone can trade any asset they can imagine.

>With synthetic assets you can trade anything from a synthetic Chinese Yuan, a synthetic S&P500 or any number of newly created assets.

>Perhaps you want to create an asset tied to the value of the United States Unemployment Report, or the number of Big Macs that McDonald’s sells each year in Peru.

>This is all possible when creating synthetic assets.

2b is unironically fud to me lmao, synthetic assets are going to blow the roof on the global derivatives market cap with time.

don't compare this to gold, silver, cash, stocks, compare this to options, futures, advanced data science, computing power generally

i'll bust out the rare pepes for chinese new year

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Great. Now he wants us to redistribute our BTC.

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