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cameco nearing ath with each passing day

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Could we have a non retarded TSLA thread?
Is this a good buy now? Even if Elon is a bit of an aspie on twitter, their technology of self driving cars as per latest update seems impressive, who can top them? Shouldn't this be a buy now? if not why? price targets and why?

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I mean hes right Bitcoin is hijacked by bankers
It would be funny as hell to see the seethe of the big jews, now that they finally submitted and bought Bitcoin to control it only to see people switch to an old fork.
Also low IQ Blackrock hailing (yes literally at 73k somebody wrote hail blackrock here) Maxipads who sold out everything for number go up and that retard saylor kind of deserve it.
*Link in the comment*
What was exactly the problem with BCH?
Im generally an Eth maxi but i think of buying in after this rally dips in a few weeks

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is there a point in buying btc when you can buy mstr, leveraged etf, or miner stock and 2x+ the price action? if you aren't rich you aren't going to get enough gains anyway

it will be more volatile yes, but more gains and you don't need to time the top perfectly to get good gains, and no need to gamble on shitcoins or options

i just feel like i have to go all in with leverage now and do the gamble of a lifetime to get to 1 million its now or never, im stuck at home all day nothing nothing saving all money anyway im fucking bored of this shit

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Anyone from Europe? What can we buy as BTC proxy? ETFs not coming here. Should I buy MSTR and hope Saylor doesn't fuck up and continues to deliver a premium?

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I have found an attorney that has a contact im interested in. I have not found anyone else that has this contact. Was nice enough to offer help saying he/she would reach to this person.

Should I pay a consultation for that? I mean, I don't know, I definitely want to try if this contact helps in my case, but a consultation is like 200 half an hour. I don't know what im going to talk for half an hour, I just need this person to contact this contact and try to get something doneabout my situtation, but I understand this will not be done for free, but at the same time im not sure I need a consultation for this. My livelihood is on the line, I really need to try my luck with this contact.

What do?

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LINK is about to crash the market again

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Someone can explain what are calls and puts? what are options?
I only buy things, price goes up, I sell for more ,profit.
But why are calls and puts used by so many? they have risk of liqidation if it goes below X price? how it works?
Why not just buy the real thing? at least you own something

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Both did x20 or more and are ai and gaming hype tokens
Never seen them on /biz/, 2020 /biz/ would be all over them at least somewhat early.
But hey proove me wrong, lets talk about new tokens like this

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>600 eth

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ive been hearing thats a valuable skill for a while now, think ill start trying to learn it on my own and find a cert to get just so ill have a little something extra. thank you anon

ill start searching for that as well, thank you anon
i also hadnt considered geek squad as a possibility, honestly didnt even realize they were still a thing

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i dont like that these fucking retoads seethe at avi so much.
theres a couple factors causing it, but i think most of it is literally just because we exist at the same time and theyre losing it.
im scared one of these schizos is gonna do something drastic once they realize they have nothing left to lose

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Outsider here. God candle incoming

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how do you build a social circle filled with powerful, mentally well, ambitious, people who only want to see you succeed?


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Here is its reserve
(need to post it in the comment)
14789 Ethereum in it
You can retire TRUEBIT with this contract and get more Ethereum then what you pay on uniswap for, its 7% only now it was 15% a few days ago but still room for 1000++ dollar profit
Here are the prices
Here is that stupid docker tutorial
Here official
As long the price of Truebit is that low its arbitrage

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There is a massive low 4 figure arbitrage opportunity out there.
We can arrange something so we both profit, im too retarded or too impatient to do it

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Oh hey, anon. I'm your new neighbor. Well, I've been here for a few years now so I'm not really new but I just got this uncontrollable urge to knock on your door. Catch you around sometime.

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what will bitcoin's peak price be after the last dump to 16k

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oh fug, maybe the audit larper was real

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Yeah, but what if it doesn't?
Have you seen the gold chart? whoever bought in sep 2013 has been bagholding for 10 years. 10 fucking years.

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He should go to jail for that outfit if nothing else.

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What happens when they ban BTC because it's working good on both inflationary and deflationary environments? If BTC works for a banking crisis, and works for QE free money retard bubbles as we saw from the negative rates era, what could stop it?
Only a ban would. These fuckers will ban the exchanges and crash the price. It will still be valuable in black markets, but not convertible to anything relevant. So what's the point, even if you got a cool couple million worth fo BTC, if you cannot do shit with it? This is why im not buying. It's a good move for as long as the people that actually vote laws get tired of it and ban stuff. And rest assured they will collude to ban it because 99% of the networth of people that vote such laws and put them in action aren't holding BTC (needless to say shitcoins). So yeah, dump it before you cannot even dump.
>inb4 some delusional cryptoanarchofag delusion about how it's better to have useless 0's and 1's in your computer than fiat
>inb4 some tard doesn't realize you cannot direclty pay with BTC to buy "x good" without aproval of a government unless you want to buy cheap irrelevant shit and not real state, index funds, cars, or anything else that's actually relevant and improves life quality.

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