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>counter terrorism operation
What did i miss now?

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More sideways action before the next leg down. Thats what it looks to me

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So now that crypto failed,fiat is crumbling.
What's next?

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You know most if not all of them dont give a damn about that event right?

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I whonder who's behind this volatility

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That's because this isn't a business board but a shitcoin scam shilling board filled with pajeets and wannabe cryptokikes who could never fathom actual hard work and dedication unless it's spending 10 hours a day shitposting and jerking off to hentai. And there's some actual merit to the /biz/ worldview as most of the faggots here who've made it did so not by hard work but by what ever other degen here does, so they don't view hard work, opening a business, etc. as a viable path to making it.
t. been here for 6 years.

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>had gf that looked like her at 23
>dated a wild blonde stripper at 26
>31 now and haven't been laid since
Get away from this place before it's too late

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Any news on when we'll be listed on a CEX? We're getting fucked a lot by gas prices. I've had diamond hands since this past summer when I initial bought, sirs. Kinda thinking to divert some of my eth gains into this to increase my stack, but I'm still kind of hesitant.

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We use that term loosely... too loosely.
Everybody ain't your fren.

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>Run ads claiming covered
>Shorted float is over 100%
>Retail buying still restricted
>Shares unavailable to short
>S3 changes data over the weekend
>Institutional ownership is over 100%
>Etoro sets unchangeable stop losses
>Bots fudding GME / shilling SLV in WSB
>Borrowdesk hasnt updated since Jan 27
>News: Silver is the new craze. Social: No
>Brokers limit buying because of liquidity crisis

This shit doesn't add up. What am I missing with the $GME short squeeze? If it's done then every metric should be pointing in that direction.

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what are your tried and true methods of increasing crypto stacks without actually swinging?

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realistically will this dump to 30 cents in the next few days or should I stop being greedy and buy now?

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shill me some cheap altcoins that could 10x or 20x, preferably something on Binance

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>made 336 today

I probably won't be able to keep it up a this rate but its depressing that I can make more than 12 hours of waging by just a couple clicks.

But for now let the good times roll.

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criminally underrated post and also the only correct answer ITT

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Why are pump and dumps illegal if it's not insider trading. Anything that's bought at whatever price people are willing to pay seems game to me.

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How do you protect your assets from a Zimbabwe style economic collapse? Let's say someone had 1 million Zim dollars invested in a Zim stock market index fund in the early 1990s. What practical steps could they have taken to protect their assets from the coming hyperinflation and collapse?

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technically gold and stocks are also useless. if everybody decides that these things are worthless, they will become worthless. Same with fiat money. Honestly nothing in this world has value.

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I’m anticipating dip by End of Week since folks won’t want to be holding bags over the weekend. I wasn’t expecting this insane pump today, conservatively sold last week at $153. Eager to buy back in, Anti-Chinese posturing good for Taiwanese semiconductors.

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>Technically single, but I’ve been consistently sleeping with a 29 y.o. recently that comes from yuge numoney. Her dad seems very based and has no sons, heavily weighing disregarding her obvious mileage and other red flags to secure the bag.

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Mr. CEO, how has the organization coped with the increased pressure on the tendie supply chain?

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For stonk fags there is decent discussion on /smg/ every now and then, you gotta shift though mountains of shit for the little gold nuggets. As far as crypto goes though... total shit show. Just a bunch of low impulse control zoomers begging for a get rich quick memecoin to save them from a life of mediocrity.

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