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Why doesn't someone pay a militia to take out these FUCKS. I mean it's obvious that they are trying to fuck all our lives up so what gives?

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I'm in a similar position anon. Life isn't fair, it's all fake and rigged.
I know this because I used to be a wagie working grueling hours for scraps. It's totally fucked.

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4chan is the quintessential double edged sword. I got good at wading through the fuds/shills and this place became a cheat code to get ahead in life.

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>imagine wasting your life with shitcoins
Be me
>study medicine for free in germany
>surrounded by nurses and female med students
>female med students all have rich families
>my gf inherited 700k recently
>she is bisexual and pays for prostitutes
>she pays for vacations
>never have to worry

I hope you guys really make it. This is your only chance not to rope

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>I'm afraid the power involved in the current situation is too great for me...


>When i first understood chainlink i had a schizo psycho break, the collective unconscious surrounding chainlink is too strong, i shouldn't be saying this but if you connect to the orb of 42 you will face consequences

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I said at the start, no poor fag cope. This Neet simply does not understand fine things. He has created a fake overton window, in which he evaluates projects, yet he remains poor with this frame work.

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Is it true if you're 140 IQ or higher you don't interface with the world any longer, and systems actively recoil against you? Are all us geniuses fucked?

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>it's all a game, it's a thought experiment
>we're in the matrix

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we call them globalists today
they called them jacobins before
they called them pharisee even before that
they are possessed by a spirit that I understand as non-human

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close enough

The Right follows the Left, just as train cars follow the engine. The Leftist cars are at the front of the train and the Rightist cars at the rear, thus they reach the destination later, but in no sense do they have an independent course or motive power. There is just one engine, and the people in the engine determine the direction of the train. The people in charge of the various cars may wear uniforms and carry themselves with an air of authority. But they are just conductors and ticket punchers, along for the ride with the rest of us.

How has the Left attained such power? And can it be attained by the Right and used in reverse?

There is no question that technology, science, and medicine are making remarkable advances. But from a White Nationalist point of view, everything is getting worse politically, culturally, and racially.

But Guénon and Evola did not regard historical decline as a disembodied force. They thought it was produced by concrete, embodied groups of historical agents. Although human agency plays a large role in history, however, most human beings are not historical agents. They are the objects, not the subjects of history. Historical agency is the preserve of tiny elites, vanguards that extend lines of influence and control throughout the entire culture, pulling it ever deeper into decadence. The vast majority of mankind is merely along for the ride.

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>stop worrying about their soft brains
>they shouldn't be wandering into our threads if they're not ready
I wouldn't call what we do here "easy reading"

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>You have free will, but you don't have a choice. >The game is much bigger than you.

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>but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath.

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>unironically believing in satan
Stop being deluded
You sound more like you’re trying to convince yourself it isn’t real.
God is real and is not an alien
Satan fell from space.

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>i'm a centrist so i can see merit in both sides.
There are no sides. That is simply illusion. They print the money and therefore they control you and everyone else

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They’re in so much trouble
They can hear the murmurs on the other side of the wall and they know he’s coming for them.

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>Interesting to think about our relationship to God in this way
It really sheds new light on the topic when looking at it from this perspective doesn’t it? Explains why a lot of people seem to resent the idea of God on a deeply emotional level. It has a lot to do with their childhood upbringing and their relationship, or lack there of, with their parents.
When I chastised God for putting me here and then I found God (or rather he reached out to me), I was take to the woodshed. I had to be the best version of myself if I wanted to truly be in communion with Jesus. It’s a slow and steady process but God helps and literally supernatural miracles start occurring in your life. It can be a little creepy at first but now I’m being uploaded with information directly through the Holy Spirit.
It’s an intense experience when it happens and I mentioned it before regarding the feeling of electric horns growing from my temples during the most intense periods.
It’s definitely real and I’m not the only one who knows about this.

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Forgive me for lingering around a while longer haha

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How can you be sure that the there will be a burn in future?

If there is it will be attractive but atm....

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> Cthulu ID
Only darkness awaits us now

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You could wage all your life and still be in the same class. You could work hard and suffer and yet you will never afford a lambo. Trust fund chinks will lord it over you with their insect eyes and you will never be able to afford delicious bat soup. Let's make it and eat bat soup too

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....unless you're one of those ok with just doing the ol wipe and fling with your hand you bum fucked pavement ape

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