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Thanks for your postings. How confident are you on this particular one?

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Good for you anon. Keep up the good work

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Alright lads. What does this say about China and the recent deal with signed with them? Obviously they can’t be trusted on the best of days.

What now?

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No more fren. Brighter days are ahead

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>fat kitty

Why is the Chonk lecturing me about my Stonks???

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Am I going to make dollaridoos today? I’m not some faggot options trader. I’m just holding

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Well I don’t imagine oil is going down much more. Any specific oil stocks interest you? People bully me when I mention Exxon. But you are correct. This society moves on oil.

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>If you want to buy and hold strong companies, and you're interested in pharma, JNJ is your go-to.

Ok thanks for the info about CVS/Bayer.

>You seem really new. How long have you been doing this?

Correct. I’ve been on crypto for a few years and I’ve receny decided to diversify. 60% of my assets are in coins. I recently bought United Air (I know Delta is favored among “experts.”) I’m looking for something new. I’m just trying to buy in proven companies. I’m obviously not well informed on some of these companies.

Thoughts on Honeywell?

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What the fuck is TRB? I’m poor and retarded. Enjoy this slutty anime girl

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