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everyone point and laugh at the retard

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thats a man

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nice testicles bro

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you're a fucking moron, the best way to learn the market is with penny stocks any investor worth anything will tell you that small incremental gains are smarter than chasing big gains. slowly over the period of years you inject more and more into your portfolio which implies you're bills are being paid and you're playing with money that you would be ok with throwing away, and as your portfolio slowly increases in size so does your knowledge and know how. telling someone that a small portfolio is torture or stupid is coming from a place of inexperience and foolishness, you have no fucking idea what you are talking about and haven't invested a dime into the market and made a profit stop the misinformation.

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Wow DOGE is getting fucking destroyed. Looks like for many it's their first pump n dump. It's brutal. Here is a best off:


>What’s going on man, this is scaring me. I’m holding 31,000
>I’m holding 40k lost over $1000 already not selling
>Bunch of p**** sold their Doge. Market cap dropped from$9.1B to $3.4B today!!!!!! Do not settle for small profits. Keep buying
>I’m down $67k since Thursday night still holding 1.24m


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wahhh mummy and daddy didnt give me enough off their money to gamble with


cry more silver spoon cunt

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shit senpai, prophet mohammad knows all the shit going down.

you must be rich as hell bro

i bet you also believe everything you read in the papers good goy

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>im too conspiracy minded to believe the buy low, sell high mantra.

What a fucking idiot. Between your spergout and this shit, you should consider checking into a mental institute.

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You have the money to do whatever you want and you're choosing to fuck around in this thread?
This is literally the most pressing thing in your pathetic life that you can spend 10 hours ranting against one of infinite scammy crypto projects?

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>failures of this project
What the fuck is this faggot talking about?

Sage this low IQ shit

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>plebbit spacing
>terrible attempt at FUD
Kek. Go back to plebbit faggot and never come back.

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>he makes financial decisions based off of twitter followers

i can do this to

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sweety pls go back. you dont belong here

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>Launch without reputation.

He doesn't know....

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>more time for accumulation

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I shilled ETH at 9.99$, antshares at 0.14$ and fudded EOS. I say NKN is going to 100$ each.

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It's not going to pump, anon.

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You do realize that the reason for this barting is to shake as much BTC as possible into their own pockets without killing the market by dumping to 2-3k?
>sell after nearly 70% correction
>you know what happens next

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