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>mfw I was going to buy APHA yesterday but got stuck chasing oil instead

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>all that time you wasted gaining political literacy only to realize that it is all about money in the end when you could have cut out the middle man and just gone deep into finance
no more.
just wish /biz/ was a yellow board desu.

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my heaviest bags are the ones i carry in my heart due to lack of friendship, companion, or interest from the opposite sex

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If you aren't objectively ugly or disabled, you have no reason to be unhappy. I have all the money but am literally disfigured/ugly in the face to the point where people stare at me no matter what, been laughed at in public multiple times as well. I'd give up all my money to just be normal/average looking and not feel like an alien when im in public.

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It's already over. Link will never go above two dollars. It will go below 1 and die. I bought in at fifty cents. At four dollars I had real life changing money, now it's barley worth anything. We were too late. There will never be another 2017 run. I will always be poor. Link will never go above two dollars. My entire life is over......

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Enough with this hopium you stupid niggers. I legit want to die. I'm up a thousand percent.. So fucking what? Im watching it dwindle every fucking day. I was up twice as much at 4 dollars. Soon I'll barley be up at all as link falls below 1.50. If BTC goes to 6k..link goes to one dollar.

We are fucked. I needed this money. I could of took a year or two off and worked on my passion projects. Now my stack is barley enough to do anything of consequence with. It's over isn't it. Link will never go above 2.25 again. I had real money and I sat and watched it get cut to a quarter of its value.

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>2 weeks into new job
>already the quiet creepy guy at work that nobody talks to

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is spending $300 on strippers a good investment?

who /degenerate/ here?

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Fuck, it took only two weeks, am already the that awkward ugly loser at work, again

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>text my only good friend this video I see posted here as a joke
>he stops talking to me

why are normies so fucking insecure?
Also if dubs, btc to 12k in July.

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How much btc for an ugly guy to get a QT gf?

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Mainnet ends
Linkies settle
into the earth

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Fallen into this scam. I wish I listened Mr.BearWolf

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I'm not talking about becoming a billionaire, but becoming (super) wealthy.
Let's say you're well educated, work in science/tech/business, don't live in a third world country, don't have debt, your iq is higher than average and you havean extreme motivation and drive to learn and succeed?

What are some examples of people who succeeded later in life (but weren't prodigies)?

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Currently hold 15,5 ETH. I could wait for it to rise, e.g. 50%, thus being richer 50% in dollar amount. But if I sell immediately and buy BTC, transfer it to Bitmex and leverage buy ETH at 3x leverage, then sell the bitcoin and buy back ETH, Iwould be 150% richer. Not only that, but since in the time ETH increased 50% in value, BTC would also increase, for example 30%, so I would also capture those gains since bitmex is trading only in BTC.
Is this viable or am I a brainlet?

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can't be refuted, just sold all my linkies as well

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Uhhh guys. Remember that ark chick? She’s being suicidal. You guys need to calm her down.


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1hr later it's at 680 and steadily rising.

I fell for the EU commision meeting on crypto meme.

It was supposed to tank.

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I'd try and start but I honestly don't know where to begin. On one hand I've been familiar with the concept of bitcoin mining for years, but on the other I don't know how to set up a bitcoin wallet or a functional/efficient mining PC.

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Gonna try fellow moonman.
I just want the lazy-river moon mission. Ill my take the dividend check and work until I'm 65. I search everynight.

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