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Yeah being able to purchase a house, land, and a car on a single “middle class”income stream sounds terrible, what would I do if I weren’t lectured on intersectional gay tranny nigger pee pee poo poo theory 24/7 on corporate funded propagated virtual dopamine farms?
Regardless, I think you should take your grandfather or some other old guy more seriously when they say that they literally don’t recognize what America has become. The 50’s & 60’s were the beginning of civilizational decline, but it was still an era of unrivaled prosperity that the world hasn’t seen since. Let alone the fact that it was a higher trust, more racially homogeneous, and more Christian with actual backbone, I would 100% take that over our “high information” era where Reddit-tier pop scientists get corporate sponsorships to constantly remind you that life has no meaning and that you’re just “stardust”. Let alone the fact that everybody is an “expert” at everything now in the most oxymoronic sense, very few are actually proficient masters at one valuable trade/skill. It’s this resumé-mentality that so many need to have in order to survive and get an entry-level position as a professional asskisser for your tranny boss at your menial corporate cubicle skinner box called a job in current times.
Regardless, life wasn’t perfect back then, but life is a psyop’d neoliberal-corporatist, late-capitalist, hollowed shell of a once great nation ran by pedophilic sociopaths who use CIA operations to gaslight your eroding psyche into wanting to drive Ryder trucks into federal buildings currently.

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There is only chainlink left

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Clean up my TRASH pal!!!!

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Appeals to patriotism in the dying breaths of the world’s largest corporate sweatshop is laughable, clean up my TRASH kike!!!!

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Suck on THIS buddy!!!

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