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It's global financial and economic meltdown bois, I'd say sell all your liquid assets and invest in a bunker, guns, canned food, sugar, and porn

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whatever happens don't fucking post over nine thousands meme ok?!?!!?
that's the only thing that really can kill bitcoin

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just buy zano problem solved

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>home values in my town are still steadily increasing
>/biz/ keeps shrieking that home values will spiral out of control everywhere without exception
Damn it feels good to live in an affluent white town.

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>dr. zoidberg, orginal creator of CryptoNote and zano, is a much respected member of the community

>what is zano?
the protocol expands the scaling capacity of the network compared to other
CryptoNote implementations like Monero. Zano deploys new components such as a hybrid
PoW/PoS consensus mechanism, and also retains some principal features of CryptoNote coins
such as forward and backward compatibility, a component-based modular structure, and an
asynchronous core structure. These original CryptoNote features are marked improvements over
many of the Bitcoin forks lingering around today.




getting started:

Zano is the chad coin anon. It has literally everything. Privacy, anonymity, multisig, escrow, normie API, contracts.

>where do i buy?
even tho it's listed on some unkown exchange, it's almost impossible to buy staking bids. No one is selling. My suggestion is go through OTC.

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Retard here, what is going on with the stock market I don't know anything about it besides your basics

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any anons here actually had or have Corona? I'm scared

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Retard here, I have 1k to invest, what do

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Nah bruh that would take to long to write it all down, if you are new to stocks you may want to look into those companies yourself and do your own due dilligence.
Those three stocks are the core of my monthly subscription plan of automatically buying stocks after I got paid.
They certainly wont go up 3x over the next year, but may do so over the cours of the next 10 years.

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>being bombed back to the stone age and using wolf pelts as currency
that sounds /comfy/ imo.

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So why isn't bitcoin shooting up in value during the recession?

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cringe dubs
don't tip OP, fuck wagies.

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They announced a HODL event, glad that I picked it up.

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Who comfy buying stock market and Bitcoin dip here?

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SOXL will be less than $100 soon...

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Is this good for the crypto markets since it creates more buyers that can trade from home?

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I would be happy with 2x in this bearish market

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>Wakes up, ready for a another day filled with faggotry and mediocrity.
>Look at funds, going back up from the corona outbreak. Sweet.
>Preparing for test in genetics
>*Click*, everything goes wrong in my system in mere minutes. Feels like my time has come
>Leave class, sleep for 5 hours
>Do the test, passes.
>Feel like a fucking warrior afterwards.
>Call in to hospital, explaining symptoms.
>Tells me they'll only take me in if I've been visiting Italy or China. Never travelled latest 8 months. OR if I've come in physical contact with someone who has corona or been travelling there.
>"How am I supposed to know if someone hasn't been walking around, unknowingly infecting ppl at the stores, school or pizzeria AFTER their incubation period?"
>Tells me it's the flu and to stay home.
>Either I'm a walking time bomb for everyone around me or I got real lucky.
>Mother drives over with provisions since I can't move from my place. Good boy points pays off.

I was more focused on my funds going plus than on my own well being. /biz/ is tainting me.

Otherwise, 39,7 degree Celsius currently.

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Expected ROI frens?

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SQQQ Purchased.

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Why aren't you in corona related stocks, anon?

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