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? there's literally hundreds of videos with evidence, hundreds of affidavits signed, "glitched" system made by people connected to Hilary Clinton.

Trump's team is literally crashing this shit in court, and he will be elected, and starts massive war against media + big tech.

IF not, Biden is going to do a full lockdown, mandatory vaccines that will cause riots either way.

IF Trump wins and is elected you realize that USA will burn for months with national guard etc.

In the middle of pandemic (fake or not), there's info about vaccines and markets are surging. Like who the fuck is buying where massive parts of world economic aka trade of money has been stopped for at least 5-6 months?

just because BTC went into 16000$ range in mid-month, doesnt mean it can't close under 10000$ by end of November.

i can rant more about velocity of money, and different branches but its all on deaf ears.

if im wrong,im wrong with good logic and evidence that points to the obvious here.

free man talking here, and i will remain free thinker, fuck what all of you think

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